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How to measure your heart rate more accurately in Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch heart rate reader is generally relatively reliable. Of course, it is not a substitute for professional methods of measuring your heart rate, but a simple way to check how your heart is doing during the day, if your workouts are meeting their goals. and if there is any abnormality in your daily heart activity.

That said, did you know that owners of Apple Watch Series 4 Can you get an even more accurate reading of your heart rate? And you don't have to do any gambling for that, it's all put into this Apple support article: the only extra step. put your finger on Digital Crown when you have the Beats app open.

Apple Watch Series 4 Sensors

When you do this, Apple Watch adopts another heart rate reading method: instead of using the infrared sensors at the bottom of the case, the watch captures its beats with the electrodes below and below. Digital Crown the same ones used for the electrocardiogram (ECG) feature.

The practical advantages of this? Instead of updating your heart rate every five seconds, the Beats app can get a much more accurate reading of your heart by showing changes by the second. When you check your heart rate history in the Sade app, the records made by this method will be classified as ?ECG? instead of the usual labels (?Exercise?, ?Rest? and others).

It is good to note that even using a component designed for the ECG, the most accurate beat reading is not restricted by region ie you can enjoy the news right now, wherever you are. Just have an Apple Watch Series 4, of course.

via 9to5Mac