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How to measure Wi-Fi router performance through Windows

If you think your internet connection is not the best, maybe it's time to check the connection speed and router performance. To do this, you have already learned here in Digital Look which may use some websites or apps for smartphones. Now let's teach you how to get router performance data from Windows itself.

The process is extremely simple. First, what you need to do is right-click on the Wi-Fi symbol in the lower right corner of the screen (next to the clock), and go to “Open Network and Sharing Center”.


After that, click on the name of your Wi-Fi network.


In the window that opened, check the "Speed" field. Note that the measurement is rated in Mbps, which stands for Megabits per second. This measurement is the connection rate between the PC and the router, not the transfer performance measurement. You will see that it oscillates, which is common in wireless connections.


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