How to measure connection speed on mobile phone – Android

Most of the time we are connected via mobile and it is common to be bothered by the speed of the connection. Our mobile devices have evolved so that we have a faster connection, like 4G for example, but we still know that there are several factors that involve the final speed, one of these factors is the speed offered by the operators, the franchise offered, the boundaries, among others.

A good way to check your connection speed to see if your service provider is delivering on its promised speed, or to detect potential problems with your Wi-Fi connection is by using a speedometer. The most popular and the most efficient is the Ookla Speed ​​Test.

How it works?

To measure the speed of your connection, be it Wi-Fi or cellular network, Speed ​​Test receives and sends data packets over the network and assesses the speed of these transfers, as if it were downloading a file and then checking at what speed. you can get it. It can evaluate the ping of your connection, which is also very important in browsing speed, as well as evaluate the download and upload rate.

How to use?

The use of the application is very simple, the information is clearly displayed. After downloading the app on your Android smartphone you should expect it to find the server closest to you and then just hit the "Begin Test" button. Once this is done it will start testing your ping and right after the download speed you can follow in real time the speed the data is being downloaded. After it will test the upload, you can also view the speedometer of the application what is the upload speed. If you prefer, you can choose a server manually through the settings.

All tests are recorded and you can check them later on the "Results" tab at the bottom of the app. There you can see what was the date and the speeds obtained. The first icon of the results indicates whether the test was performed using a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular network.

Now you can check to see if the internet speed you get from your service provider matches what they promise.