How to make your iPhone (or iPad) read text aloud to you

Are you out of time to read the news, but need to stay informed while doing something else? Few people know, but iOS has a feature that read and speak to you what is written on the device screen. With that, it is possible to ask to read the text of books, internet pages and even Facebook.

This is an accessibility feature aimed at users who are visually impaired, but can be freely used by anyone.

Many already know this when selecting a part of the text and see, in the contextual menu, the speech option appears. However, we will show you a way to not need to select anything before and start reading the entire text.

The process is very simple: after the function activated in Settings, just drag two fingers from top to bottom, starting at the extreme top of the screen, to bring up an audio control that will allow you to pause, fast forward or rewind the reading, in addition to determining your speed.

Visual control that appears on the screen when activating the function

This can be done in most of the texts viewed on the iPhone or iPad: websites, social networking applications, text editors, etc.

You can choose the voice you prefer to hear, and some you need to do the download to leave them loaded in the system. Depending on the language in which the text is written, detection is automatic and the system will adapt the voice to the language, with its specific pronunciation. But despite that, English words in the middle of a Portuguese text may not be recognized, and then the pronunciation will be that macaroni that we already know from Siri.

As the function reads everything on the screen, on websites other elements of the page are usually read, which can be a bit annoying. So the ideal is before, when possible, put the page in reading mode

Reading in Portuguese is still not perfect and has a lot to improve. The system does not seem to consider some periods and commas in sentences, and bold words cause a small break in reading, breaking the harmony of it. In any case, it is a function that can be quite useful in certain situations.

How to activate the function in Settings

Step 1: Open the System Settings.

Step 2: Go in General ›Accessibility.

Step 3: Touch Speech.

Step 4: Enable the “Speak Screen Content“.

Step 5: To read any text on the screen, quickly drag two fingers from top to bottom (starting from the outside of the screen) to activate the reading.

How to change the speech voice

Repeat the first three previous steps and select the “Voices“. You will then see a list with dozens of languages ​​and you can download the ones you want. For Portuguese, there are some options (male and female) for both the Brazilian and Portuguese versions.

How to improve the pronunciation of some words

During the speech, you will notice that the Brazilian voice still has difficulties in pronouncing some words in other languages. But you can improve this and tell the system how certain words are to be pronounced.

Follow the first three steps above and select the “Pronunciation“At the bottom of the screen. Touch the + and enter the replacement for the word (or phrase) you want.