Skype Web chamadas de vídeo no Linux

How to make video calls with Skype Web on Linux

Making video or audio calls via Skype Web via Linux is not possible natively, there are only plugins for Windows and Mac, but today we will teach you a "hack" to use this feature without having to install the plugin, whatever you need. will need Firefox.

Skype Web Video Calls on Linux The more time goes by the more I convince myself that I could practically live with WebApps. These days practically all my productivity based on them. As I wanted to experiment, this week I dropped the Skype Desktop app to test a WebApp through Google, the much prettier interface than the Linux version, as you can see hereBesides, everything works fine, there are notifications on the desktop and everything, but the call function doesn't work natively and doesn't even have a plugin for Linux so I can enable it.

To circumvent the problem of calls, which is not a feature that I use so much but good to have available after all customers use, I researched a bit over the internet. I found that Microsoft's new browser, Edge, has native integration with Skype Web, and because of it the calling feature works natively without the need for plugins, I tried to research to know what the browser was different from others in the market. To understand what made Skype Web work and found nothing deep, anyway, something so stupid … the site just checks the name of the browser to allow access without the plugin … in the best style:

"- What's your name?

– Edge.

– Blz, so you can access. "

This way we just need to change the browser User Agent and BING! Oops, BINGO !!! : D

This technique will work on any operating system, consequently on Linux as well.

After I found this out I started looking for add-ons that would allow me to switch Chrome's Use-Agent to Microsoft Edge, but I found only one with this feature, but it didn't work, so I went to Firefox and found it. It is a plugin capable of "magic".

Want to see how it works?

2 – After installing the add-on you will see that a new icon appears in your Firefox, click on it and change the browser User Agent to "Windows / Edge".

3 – Now access the site and log in with your account.

4 – Once inside the site you will see that video call icons and links already appear as options, Firefox will ask you about microphone integration and desktop notifications to improve your experience, just confirm.

Skype Web with Video Calls on Linux

It is! I still prefer to use WebApp for Chrome, but either way, if I need to make a browser call I already know how I can do it without exiting Linux, and of course now you know it too! :]

Obviously Skype is not the only way to make calls, there are several, but as I said before, it is a program that many companies often use, so who pays the bills that sets the medium often.

Now your turn, if you liked the tip, share to show more people, it may be that someone has this difficulty and so you can help.

See you next time!

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