How to make the most of your Android data plan

How to make the most of your Android data plan

In 2015, Brazilians began to live with the notorious end of the franchise after reaching the data limit. This issue is still being challenged by justice, but as we await a final decision in case the solution will save on the data plan to not end the month with the mobile internet dragging on. And like everything else in life, with a little help from technology it is easier to achieve the maximum savings of your data plan. So, after 10 days testing Opera Max, I can say that this is the definitive app so you can save your Android data plan.

Very intuitive use and simplified interface Battery consumption above average
Does not require advanced knowledge
The quality of images and videos is not very compromised

How to save data plan using Opera Max

The first thing you need to know is that Opera Max saves data and gives you complete control over the consumption of this data. The application works with 3G / 4G / LTE and Wi-Fi networks, and is really effective because it compresses videos, photos and general media from applications and websites without offering much quality loss.

Opera Max UI Test
Using Opera Max quite intuitively and even its 90 year old grandmother would be able to configure the app and save data. / ANDROIDPIT

If that wasn't enough, Opera Max also lets you save battery power by blocking background applications that you might not even have thought were harming your device. Last but not least, when managing Wi-Fi networks, Max also controls what apps do in the background when connected to Wi-Fi. To get these features, download the app from Google. Play Store:

Samsung Max
Install on Google Play

How to use Opera Max to save your data plan

Once installed, it only takes five steps to get your phone started saving the data plan efficiently. To do so, you will need to connect to Opera Max cloud, so the service can manage your applications and save data and energy. After that, you need to allow the app to create a VPN connection to be able to monitor network traffic by accessing the main menu and enabling mobile data usage. Thus, whenever VPN is enabled, a key icon will appear in the status bar of your device.

Opera Max test data economy
In less than 10 days, my data savings were 6%. / ANDROIDPIT

With network management, the first thing you'll notice is that Opera Max will scan your smartphone and will already indicate some applications that could save a lot of data. If you agree with the suggestions of the app, just click on them and enable saving. To give you an idea, in my testing period, my savings on data usage (not counting Wi-Fi) for certain was considerable: 61% on Muzei, 36% on Candy Crush Soda, 31% on Chrome, and 31% on feedly.

Opera Max Test Lock Apps
In the "Application Management" tab you can block data or power usage quickly and intuitively. / ANDROIDPIT

In addition to saving data plan and wifi, there is also the application management option, which has the following three functions:

  • Economy: Disables Opera Max economics, which will cause the service not to save data to applications you determine;
  • Cellular access: blocks the use of application specific data;
  • Wifi access: Block apps from accessing wifi to save battery power.
Opera Max test settings
In the configurations it is possible to define issues related to notifications and average savings. / ANDROIDPIT

Finally, by accessing the application settings you can set priorities. So if you don't want images and videos to be compressed and of compromised quality, you can make the economy inactive, or low, medium and high. The best thing about this is that selection can only be done for mobile data and not for wifi. In this window you can also enable or disable app notifications.

Opera Max Test Notifications
By enabling notifications, you can have quick access to network data usage. / ANDROIDPIT

I am really impressed by how well Opera Max works, even though I know the quality and service standard of Opera developer, such as the browser, for example, and its compression modes to provide the best possible browser experience. So if you're looking for an app that can help you save your monthly data plan, Opera Max is one of the best Google Play Store options in this category. Of course you can also do this by using your smartphone's native features to do so via the "power management" option, but it will all depend on the support offered by your manufacturer. Another similar service, but only for the Chrome browser is the data saving function present in Google's browser settings.

And did you already know Opera Max? What service do you use to save data plan on your Android?

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