Ganhando dinheiro com Linux

How to make money with Linux

Some people wonder if it would be possible to make money with Linux, in this article I intend to address this issue by presenting some possibilities for you who want to work with the Penguin system.

Just like any business, to make money with Linux you need to pay attention to what happens around you if you are going to launch a product or service online or locally.

For example, starting a Linux training company in a very small town may not be a good option.

As well as setting up a hosting company in a city where there are already several competitors in this segment, apart from online ones, it may not be a good idea unless there are good competitive advantages.

If you are not used to the Linux world you may not have noticed, but very rarely will you see a company charging for the software, just like Microsoft does.

How do companies like Canonical and Red Hat make so much money working with Linux?

The simple answer, with Linux you don't sell products (most of the time), you sell services.

When thinking about working with Linux one cannot ignore precisely its strongest point, whether or not Linux is a widely used server system, so this is a branch to be studied.

Many of these millions are retained by Canonical, Red Hat and Novell, or basically Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and openSUSE.

Working with servers is a possibility to consider if you like it, servicing or creating solutions on enterprise servers, the same info from Info reveals that about 73% of companies with over 1000 employees use Linux for work, either as server, whether in your office.

These companies work with Linux because they need manageability and often specific solutions to their needs, among the leading companies employing Linux developers are Intel, Red Hat, Linaro, Samsung, IBM, Vision, Google, among others.

Think of a programming language, it can be anyone, now try to remember how many people you know who work with that language, I bet you could remember some people.

Professionals in this area are highly valued precisely because they are rare to find, know how to develop the kernel, or even software and solutions that run on large servers or offices of large companies can be a differential.

I'm not a programmer and I don't even like to mess with servers

What if I say there's still some way out? You just have to be creative.

I now want to present some possibilities that I see for you to work with Linux and get your livelihood.

There are several segments where Linux can be successfully applied, just your dedication, an example that I see many people commenting on computer maintenance stores.

Linux in store maintenance

I find it funny, but many people comment that as Windows always gives problem the client comes back from time to time to format the computer, but with Linux this does not happen, and the revenue drops.

It is strange to think so, but it can happen, which I see in these cases that it is necessary once again not to sell a product, but a service, in this case, a support service.

Servicing Linux Computers

I have a curious case to report here, I have a friend who has one of these stores, a reputable store in my city and Linux is the option when formatting, but unlike Windows formatting with Linux costs only half the price. .

A telephone support and remote assistance service is offered to teach people how to deal with minor unforeseen issues, such as not knowing how to install such a program.

This ends up causing the customer to bond with the store and always come back, sometimes to buy hardware, or simply to have coffee.

And speaking of teaching

I believe you should be aware of the majority accompanying Diolinux, both the channel As for the blog, which besides working here I am also a teacher in a private school, or rather to avoid ambiguity, I am a computer instructor.

Like most educational institutions in this segment, the predominant operating system is Windows and the programs that run on it are overrated, such as Photoshop.

We have been studying for some time the possibility of "fork" the courses in the same areas but with Linux.

Teaching Linux Professionally

The idea would be to modify the computer operator course, for example, which currently works by teaching Windows as a base and modify it for Linux.

It is a similar course of content but with Linux instead of Windows, at this point one has a problem at first glance, public.

Finding Linux schools is very rare, but this is due to the low demand for basic courses, for example, most users who migrate to Linux understand a minimum of technology and do not need or want to take such a course.

The challenge is to create this need in an existing public, and this can be done through lectures and dissemination, not easy but not impossible, as well as graphic design courses using free software.

ODL can be a key

Distance Education, or distance learning for newcomers, is also a good opportunity for those who want to invest in this business, with the advantage that you can reach a wider audience than the place where you live.

There are a lot of people wanting to learn things out there, people who would pay for it, so if you do a good job in this segment it can become profitable.

Working "together" with Linux

At the moment I had commented on some possibilities of making money using Linux as a means of doing this but it is worth opening a parenthesis here to explain something that sometimes goes unnoticed.

Game development using ubuntu

If your wish works USING Linux, this is not so complicated to accomplish.

In a previous paragraph I commented on the programmers, I have several friends who work in this area, before I discussed the question of programming FOR LINUX and in WITH LINUX.

One of my programmer friends has a company here in my city where he does web development, websites, portals and internet systems. All this using Linux and his tools.

Some people could use Linux and GIMP for image processing at photo studios as well, or in graphics using Inkscape.

In the case of graphics I know most have a huge crush on Corel Draw, but nothing prevents you from using both of them?

Creativity the Limit

There are people like me who have chosen to make a living writing about Linux, or following suit by keeping portals on the internet using Linux to write them.

This is a good example of how to use a little creativity to deliver something that people need, knowledge.

Always be creative!

Obviously, making a living from the internet is not easy, many people do not think that a job like any other, may even require more discipline than others because we know that the internet is an endless source of distraction.

You can write books about Linux.

You can have a YouTube channel and use Linux to make the videos, or talk about it.

It all depends on your ambition, your unwillingness, your creativity and especially, above all, on don't give up!

If you have a project and you believe it can be a big thing one day start working on it today, so that "one day" will come faster.

Good luck with your endeavors, do not forget to share your opinion here in the comments, you can add other possibilities that you see and I did not comment, feel free, until next time!

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