How to make Google Chrome and Firefox recognize all Emojis

How to make Google Chrome and Firefox recognize all Emojis

Let's say I'm not a person who uses Emojis that much, but I see a growing use of them on various websites, including email messages, even their titles, YouTube videos, and more.

The browser problem is not recognizing the Emojis, which in their place are sometimes presented with completely "buggy" characters that do not show us what the person sending the message would like to give us.

Missing Emojis

An example I can give, in my video about the future of Ubuntu without Unity, without the Emojis add-on simply appears in its place a "very little emotion" rectangle.

If you have the Google Noto font installed, hardly any emoji will stop appearing, but still, it will look like this, varying according to the type of emoji. Missing Emojis

Regardless of the case, we can solve the problem with two extensions, or better, with one, different for each browser.

1 – Resolving the problem in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Emoji

In the case of Mozilla Firefox, we will need an extension called "Emoji Everywhere", you will find it in the Firefox extension repository itself.

Using Firefox, click this link and add the extension, reload the pages or close the open browser and you will see that you will be able to see the emoji normally.

2 – Enabling Emojis in Google Chrome

Emoji for Chrome Just like in Firefox, Emojis for Chrome comes through a short extension called "Emoji for Google Chrome", it's on Chrome WebStore, just click here through Google Chrome and add it normally.

This extension creates in Chrome / Chromium a small icon that is near the search bar at the top right, so you can easily add emojis to your texts on any page you are, of course allowing you to view emojis on any page, that's the purpose of this post.

Now that the extensions are installed, you will see the difference:

Emojis on Linux

Now you shouldn't have more problems with this type of character, see you next time!

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