How to make Google Assistant respond silently

Google Assistant is a very versatile tool that can help you with many everyday activities. The Android personal assistant concentrates a few functions ranging from informing the weather forecast to making video calls on WhatsApp, all accessed by voice command.

By default, the Assistant is programmed to interact speaking, which can become a problem in some cases when the user does not want to receive the answer aloud, for privacy, for example. But it can be solved, and very simply.

Google has added a feature that lets you choose whether the app should respond aloud at all times or only when connected to a paired device, such as your car's Bluetooth stereo system. This feature can be easily accessed through the service settings.

Before you begin, it is important to remember that the feature was recently added and may not be available on all devices. If you are unable to do one of the following, simply wait until you receive the update.

To access Google Assistant you must press the "Home" button and hold until the screen below appears. You can also access with the voice command "OK, Google" with the phone screen unlocked.

Press the cone that appears in the bottom right corner.

Touch the photo from your Google account.

Choose the "Settings" option.

Select the "Assistant" option just below "Manage Google Account."

Under "Device – Assistant", select the "Phone" option.

In "Voice and talk", tap the "Voice out" option.

Finally, in the new window, select the "Speaker Only" option.

Ready! Now whenever you interact with Google Assistant, answers won't be spoken unless your phone is connected to a handsfree device.

Remember that, to return to the default setting, simply repeat the process and, in the "Voice Out" menu, change back to "Enabled" and the Assistant will respond to your commands aloud.

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