How to make extra income on Udemy: complete guide

Nowadays, finances have become increasingly tight, and everyone is looking for ways to make money. One of the most famous will be covered in this article, where we explain how to make extra income at Udemy, being able to work from home.

If you prefer, instead of creating online courses, it is also possible to deliver to Rappi, becoming a local friend or even renting space in your suitcase when traveling, using Entrusters. And if you don't like Udemy, you can also create courses at Beved!

Now, to learn how to make extra income on this platform, keep reading our article, where we will explain in depth what it is, as well as register, create the course and start selling!

1. What is Udemy?

Before we can teach you how to make extra income on Udemy, you need to know the platform in depth, how it works and what you can do with it.

It is an online course platform, which can be created by anyone who has in-depth knowledge of specific areas and is willing to prepare lessons.

It is possible to teach the most diverse subjects, such as programming, web development, translation, foreign languages, cuisine and much more, all organized very well.

In addition, the platform itself helps its creators, so that they can create classes in the best possible way, with days of filming and editing.

It is ideal for those who want to learn and study at home, using any of the many free classes offered, in addition to paid classes. The classes contain not only audiovisual content, but also many books, articles, help from teachers and other students, and even questions.

It also has one of the best apps for learning things online, allowing you to study easily on your smartphone. And, added to all this, paid classes issue certificates of completion!

What does Udemy?

2. How to create a course on the platform?

Now that you know everything about this service, let's go to the next step on how to make extra income at Udemy: learn how to create a new course to be able to pay!

First of all, let's explain some things about how to be an instructor for them, using the FAQ available on the website itself.

To create a course, you don't need to pay anything. When someone buys your course, you earn part of the amount paid for them, with the rest staying with Udemy. It is worth remembering that the topics that can be addressed are almost all, with minor exceptions.

Another important thing to know is that you do not need any approval to create the course, without needing diplomas or anything like that. Just have the knowledge!

Payments are received via the PayPal account associated with Udemy, receiving monthly.

The minimum requirements for a Udemy course are a minimum of 30 minutes of video and a minimum of 5 lessons or learning modules. Better yet, your course published here still yours. That is, you retain all rights to it, and you can do whatever you want later!

Now, finally, we come to account creation and courses, the main step in how to make extra income at Udemy.

First, follow the link to the official page by clicking here. On that page, click on the red button"Register", where you must enter your full name, email and password.


Register 1 how to make extra income on Udemy

Go to the bottom of the page, where to find a written button‚ÄúTeach on Udemy‚ÄĚ.

Teach on Udemy how to make extra income on Udemy

Click on it to be redirected to the course creation page. Click on the red button‚ÄúBecome an instructor‚ÄĚ, where you must answer some questions.

Become an instructor how to make extra income on Udemy

Select what your experiences were teaching previously, tell your level of proficiency in video creation and answer if you already have a target audience or not.

You will see a page with tutorial instructions on how to create a course, based on your answers. All you need to do is click on the"Create your course", where you can select whether you are creating a course or a simulation.

Give your creation a title, select the category and tell how much time you can dedicate to the course weekly. Now, determine who your target students are, tell them if there are prerequisites, plan the structure, select the price and perform all the final steps for the creation, such as uploading the content!

How to make extra income at Udemy

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