How to Make Extra Income on Instagram Shopping

Everyone needs to earn extra money. For that, there are several ways to work on the internet. For example, there are several online course platforms and websites to earn extra income. Now, there is also this guide on how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping, for those who have a business at home.

If that's your case, keep reading our article and see all about this Instagram feature!

1. What does Instagram Shopping?

Before you can learn how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping you need to know what this tool is from one of the biggest social networks.

Essentially, it is a way to create an immersive store to allow potential customers to explore the best products in your business. It has several functionalities and features that make you manage more connections directly through the platform.

With it, it is possible to share products through organic posts and through their Stories, in addition to ensuring that users can find them on the search tool, so that you can gain followers on Instagram.

What Instagram Shopping?

2. How do I connect to Instagram Shopping?

In order to connect and get to know how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping, you need to have a business account on Instagram.

The process of creating a business account is extremely easy to do. First, download the iOS or Android app. Now, if you don't have an account yet, register. If you already have one, simply login.

Now, follow the process of transforming your personal account into a commercial one: first, go to the profile and click on the menu. click in"Settings", in"Account" and finally, inSwitch to business account ”.

It is highly recommended that you connect a business page from Facebook to Instagram, which will make it easier for companies to use existing resources. Remember: only one page can be connected per account

Add the remaining necessary information, such as business category and contact information, and finally click"Conclude" so I could start making money like that!

3. How to use Instagram Shopping?

Now that you have an account, let's see how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping using it!

Keep in mind the minimum requirements to be able to use this tool: it is necessary that your company is located in accepted markets (such as Brazil), that you sell material goods, that you comply with all Instagram commercial rules and that your account is connected to a page from Facebook.

How to use Instagram Shopping? How to Make Extra Income on Instagram Shopping

In addition, you need to have a catalog connected and have an ecommerce, since Instagram Shopping does not deal with sales or deliveries, just redirecting buyers to stores.

To connect your catalog, there are two different ways. The first using Facebook's Catalog Manager and the second through some of the platform's partners, such as Shopify, one of the best platforms for online stores.

Catlogo How to make extra income on Instagram Shopping

With all that ready, it was time to use the account to sell and work from home. Remember to add a bio to your store to attract more consumers; to help you with that, we have a phrasebook for Instagram bio!

Another important step in understanding how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping is to know how to create the best posts, with greater reach. To do this, remember to use some of the most used hashtags on Instagram in all your posts.

Also, don't forget to tag products in all your posts, and you can tag up to five of them. When they are tagged, they are shared with all your followers and also on the Explore tab, which makes even those who don't know you see them.

Instagram Shopping Tips

Carousel posts allow you to mark up to 20 products in a post, making it an excellent way to show all variants of a product at once.

In addition, it makes your buyers see a large number of products, which may be of interest to them.

Create carousel posts

2. Make sure that the aesthetics of the sales posts fit with your Instagram

Quite self-explanatory, it is necessary that your sales posts are all according to your page, to please your standard followers.

To do this, it is necessary to make edits and apply filters so that the colors, for example, fit together.

Make sure the aesthetics of the sales posts fit your profile

3. Spread your sales posts all over your page

When creating an Instagram Shopping account, you will probably want to sell products as soon as possible. However, it is good to control yourself in this regard, to ensure that your followers do not feel “attacked” by selling posts.

Therefore, it is ideal to post as normal, but add some sales posts from time to time, making it look more natural.

And, what did you think of our guide on how to make extra income on Instagram Shopping?

Leave in the comments your opinions about them, saying if you already knew all the tips we gave and leaving new tips. Remember, also, check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online and how to make extra income on the internet!