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How to make extra income on GetNinjas? Find it out!

Currently, for those who want to earn money out of their main job, the option of working from home can be a good alternative. In these cases, it is totally natural to not know how to find vacancies or clients. For this, there are several sites that bring together professionals and those who need their services. Thus, it is very easy to make extra income at GetNinjas, one of the best sites of its kind.

This platform is already used by thousands of Brazilians and is very simple to register and search for new services there. If you want to know how to make extra income at GetNinjas in a few steps, just check out our tips below!

What does GetNinjas?

For those who do not know the service well, it is worth explaining a little about GetNinja and what it has to offer. It is a service that can be used by professionals from different areas and customers who need your services.

It looks very similar to other freelance job sites, for example. That is, a client posts what type of service he needs and the professionals who most fit the vacancy can apply.

Among the areas available at GetNinjas, are: Renovations and repairs, home services, technical assistance, events, fashion and beauty, design and technology, classes, consulting, health and automobiles. A very diverse list of options for all types of professionals.

That said, let's see how to make extra income at GetNinjas in just a few steps!

Make extra income at GetNinjas

To begin, we first have to install the GetNinjas mobile app on your smartphone. It is available for Android on the Google Play Store for iPhones on the App Store.

Just access the link according to your device and download the app. It is very light, works on almost any smartphone and can be used completely for free.

With the app installed, let's open it for the first time. The first thing you should do is inform if you are going to use the app as a professional or as a customer. In this case, select "I am a professional".

how to use getninjas

Then, you must tell if you already have an account with GetNinjas or if you are new to the App. If you have an account, log in, without choosing “I'm new here”.

getninjas how to use

That done, the app will tell you a little bit about how it works. Just to get you started, then click "Continue" to proceed.

work with getninjas

Now, enter your phone number, full name and zip code of your home. To finish, click on “Finalize registration”.

getninja options

The next step is to choose which category you belong to as a professional. The list is long, as we have already mentioned. So, just take a look and click on “Choose category” in the option that has the most to do with your skills.

make extra income on getninjas services

Then, you need to be more specific and choose the group of services provided within the previously selected category. When you find the right option, click on “Choose group” to continue learning how to make extra income on GetNinjas.

make extra income on cover getninjas

With all this done, the app will show some basic information. If you have any questions, just click the buttons on this menu to check the answers. When finished, click on “View my order list”.

make extra income on the getninjas guide

Well, here we see all the posts from customers who need specific services from the area you selected.

make extra income at getninjas tips

Okay, now just keep an eye on the vacancies that have the most to do with your skills.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn more about making extra income at GetNinjas? Then leave your comment telling us what you think and if you managed to use GetNinjas as you would like.