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How to make Android faster with Android Assistent


First download the app to your Smartphone, it's free on Google Play. (Click the link below to download)


Android Assistent has many system optimization tools. Only 18 in all:

1. Monitor status (cpu, memory, battery)

Android Assistant provides real-time CPU, memory and battery state that can help monitor system performance time. Android Assistent

2. Process Manager

Process Manager shows all running processes with your

real-time memory and CPU usage. Unwanted applications may be

finished directly. (Self-thrust and rapid thrust may

distinguish between different process types and will not finish

critical system applications or ignore list applications)

Android Assistent

4. System Cleaning

clipboard, Browser histories, Market, Gmail, GoogleEarth, and Google Maps.

5. Power Saving Settings

Allows you to turn off bluetooth, wifi, GPS, auto-sync, orientation, tactile feedback, and set brightness and screen off time in Power Saver Settings to save battery power.

6. File Manager

File Manager manages all files on the SD card. You can view, browse, rename and delete files on the SD card; You can also add new files and folders to your SD card.

7. Boot Manager

The boot loader prevents useless applications at system start by improving system speed and saving more battery power.

8. Batch Uninstall

Batch uninstall makes uninstalling third party applications easy and simple.

9. Battery Usage

Battery usage monitors the consumption of running processes. Processes with high energy consumption can be easily discovered and finalized.

10. Volume Control

Volume Control provides quick access to call volume, notification, media, alarm, call and system.

11. Touch

Tap a shortcut to change your phone's ring mode: silent, vibration, sound, etc.

12. Boot Time

Boot Time provides the exact system load time and third party applications.

13. Silent Boot (Menu -> Settings -> Silent Boot)

Silent Startup Mutes the device sound at startup and shutdown.

14. System Information

Platform, hardware and sensor information.


To free memory easily.

16. App 2 SD (Support for Android 2.2 and later)

You can move apps to SD card.

17. Batch Installation

Third-party app installs on Android