How to lock your smartphone using proximity sensor

Proximity sensor is ubiquitous to smartphones nowadays, but has few functions beyond recognizing when your face is ringing the phone. Proximity Lock is an application that uses this sensor to lock the smartphone.

The Proximity Lock app is super simple and easy to use. After installing it, you only need to enable, give device administrator permission and calibrate the app and you can lock your smartphone just by touching – or approaching your finger – the proximity sensor. The app also allows you to set a minimum contact time for the phone to be locked, thus preventing accidental blocking.

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The interface is not the best. / ANDROIDPIT

Some Android smartphones let you lock the screen in other ways, for example, my LG G3 locks the screen if I double-tap the notification bar; but in others, I need to press the button power. Proximity Lock solves something that is not necessarily a problem, however, a practical way to lock.

Proximity Lock is very useful for those who had problems with the button. power or use cases that cover the screen. A recommendation to modify the timeout For about 600ms, this avoids accidental blockages when sliding the notification bar. The distance required for the sensor to recognize contact varies by smartphone, some only recognize when touching the sensor, others at distances up to 1.5cm.

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Be very careful when calibrating the application. / ANDROIDPIT

Important: very careful when calibrating the application! Make sure your finger is on the proximity sensor. If the calibration is done poorly, the app will lock the screen whenever the sensor is free, ie it is very difficult to even uninstall the app. In this scenario, I need to enter Safe Mode and uninstall Proximity Lock.

Proximity Lock overrides Smart Lock, so for those who use the function, I do not recommend installing the application.

The free, no-ads app occupies about 5MB, requires Android 4.1 or higher and can be downloaded from the Play Store. Unfortunately, Proximity Lock is only available in English.

Do you like Proximity Lock? What other functions would you like to see facilitated?

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