How to know which iPhone models Apple is manufacturing in Brazil

The iPhone made in Brazil has been a reality since 2012, but after a few years the production line was very fickle, with the company almost abandoning the project in the years of crisis. But Apple resumed production with the latest models.

In 2011, the iPhone Blog (together with the Macmais Magazine and the American website Cult of Mac) was the first Brazilian technology blog to carry out investigative work and prove that Apple was actually manufacturing products in Brazil, in the city of Jundiaí (SP). It started with iPads, but then it also started producing some iPhone models.

To find out which models are currently manufactured in our country (whatever the season you are reading this article), there is a very simple way to check, right on the Apple website. And that is what this article will show.

First of all, it is interesting to note that, unlike China, the products assembled in Brazil by Apple do not have the objective of be exported to other countries. Production is geared towards the domestic consumer, according to the demand demanded.

Another point to be considered is that not all models are produced here. Apple assembles, on Foxconn’s premises, specific production lines, usually of the models less expensive. So it was with the iPhone 8, which is now being used for the new iPhone SE (which has exactly the same external design), and with the iPhone XR, also with the same “form” of production as the iPhone 11.

The most expensive models, such as the XS or Pro, are not usually manufactured in the country.

How to identify an iPhone made in Brazil

The most obvious way is look at the back of the device. If he wrote “Brazilian industry“, Then it is because it was manufactured in Brazil.

But if you want to know which models are manufactured in the country, just take a jump on the Apple website to clear this doubt.

Every product sold at the Apple store features a product code, which indicates whether it was manufactured inside or outside the country. And that says the last two letters of this code:

  • Final BR identifies an iPhone made in Brazil;
  • Final BZ it means that it was manufactured in another country, especially for Brazil.

Even when manufactured abroad, Anatel manuals, compatible plug adapter and seals must be placed in the box at the factory.

How to view this code

To view the code, simply go to the Apple store page for the chosen iPhone and add the model to the shopping cart. The code will then appear in the bag’s URL, in the variable “product“.

IPhone code made in Brazil

In the example above, the XR model has the code MRY52BR, which reveals that it is an iPhone made in Brazil. If the code was MRY52BZ, then it would have been imported into the national market.

This method has always existed and will also serve for future models that are launched. So, whenever you’re curious about it, just check it out directly with Apple. ?