Merge two photos on the phone

How to join two photos into one without knowing how to edit To join two photos (or more) into one on your phone or PC, no knowledge of image editing is necessary. A number of applications and services are available free of charge …

To join two photos (or more) into one on your phone or PC, no knowledge of image editing is required. A number of online applications and services are available, free of charge, that make these collages easily.

Just choose the photos and then decide if you want to position them side by side, on top of each other or as you see fit.

AppGeek explains how to merge two photos with a mobile app, online service and Google Photos. Check out!

How to join two photos on the phone

Although there are a number of sites to do assembly online, they are not optimized for mobile. In addition to the difficult usability, downloading files, in most cases, gives error. Therefore, to join two photos on the phone, it is really necessary to use an image editing application.

For the step by step to follow, we decided to use the PhotoGrid app, as it is intuitive and easy to use. The program, available for Android and iPhone, is one of 6 in our list of apps for making stylish photo collages.

1. Download the PhotoGrid app on your Android or iPhone;

2. Open the application and accept the usage policy by tapping the button Continue;

3. If advertising for a paid plan appears, look for the X in the upper corner of the screen;

4. On the PhotoGrid home screen, go to Grid. If prompted, allow the app to access your media files;

Merge two photos on the phone

5. Now, choose the photos you want to include in the montage. Just tap on the ones you want to select;

6. At the top, the layouts available according to the number of photos selected. Touch Next to see all the options;

7. You will be taken to the app’s image editor. In Layout, select the grid format you want to use in your assembly by touching it;

join two photos

  • Attention: grills with a crown are not available for free, but only for paid plan subscribers.

8. Next to the item Layout there are other editing tools. Some of them are:

  • Edge: allows to increase or decrease the width of the external and internal borders and to make the corners of the photos rounded;
  • Bottom: changes the background color or pattern of the assembly;
  • Text: inserts text in the image;
  • Filters: it offers dozens of filters to apply in the collage;
  • Adjust: allows you to change aspects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.

9. When you have completed all edits, go to Next;

10. Now, you decide what to do with the photo. Touch Done to save it in the gallery or go to the program icon in which you want to share the image, such as WhatsApp or Instagram.

How to join two photos online

There are a number of online photo editors that offer the easy collage tool. Remember that these sites are suitable for use on large screens, such as computers and tablets.

If you want to merge the photos by cell phone, we recommend that you do it using appropriate apps.

In the following tutorial we chose to use Fotor.

1. Access Fotor and click Make a collage;

2. Then go to Classical Collage;

3. The available grid options will be displayed. Click on the one you want to use, according to the number of photos;

how to join two photos

4. Now, go on + Import to open the photos you will use in the montage. Repeat the process as many times as necessary;

5. The selected images will be displayed in a column on the right side. Click on the photo and drag to the square or rectangle in which you want to insert them;

6. With the photos already inserted in the grid, click on it to select. Right above, edit options appear Effects, Rotate and zoom;

how to join two photos

7. In the left side menu, you can adjust the frame by changing the width and color. There is also the option to round the edges of the photos;

8. When you’re finished editing, go to To save to save the photo to your computer:

9. Name the file, choose the format (JPG, PNG or PDF) and select the quality (normal or very tall). End the process in Download.

Joining two photos in Google Photos

Google Photos is Android’s official photo and video storage app. The application, however, is also available for download on the iPhone.

Therefore, if you are already a user of the Google program, know that you do not need to download any other to join two or more photos. The app itself offers the function, which works only for photos taken with the phone’s camera.

That is, it is not possible to use files downloaded or received from apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, among others. Check out how simple it is:

1. Open the Google Photos app and tap For you;

join two photos

2. At the top of the screen are the available resources. Go in Collage;

3. Now, select the photos you want to use in the montage by tapping on them. You can choose up to 9;

4. Go in Create;

5. Wait a few seconds until the glue is ready. The result is available in the folder Albums application.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose the layout of the montage, nor the framing of the chosen images. But it is possible to make edits as in other photos of the app, such as adding filters, making freehand drawings, cropping, etc.

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