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How to issue the digital Student ID through the application

New digital Student ID can be issued through an application for Android and iPhone (iOS); know how to issue your

On September 9, the Federal Government announced the decision to start issuing its own student card. The launch was only scheduled for December and, this Monday (25), the Student ID has been made official by MEC and is available for registration. It is free and digital.

How to issue the Bolsonaro Government Student IDStudent ID stands out for being digital and free, but with clear intentions of political dispute

THE Student ID was announced through Provisional Measure N895 / 2019. Abraham Weintraub, Minister of Education, also says that the proposal to bring a digital student document will be a win-win for everyone, after all giving students the option of obtaining the discounts they are entitled to in movie tickets, concerts, theaters, among others , spending less.

“We hope to generate a huge gain for society. If all students in Brazil made the card as made today it would be a value well above R $ 1 billion, reaching R $ 2 billion, and the cost that will be borne by the MEC drops to R $ 12 million if the same contingent do. That costs R $ 35 the cost that the student has to pay for R $ 0.15 ”.

Abraham Weintraub, Minister of Education

How to work Student ID

The issuance of the document is available primarily to students in higher education. At March, the Student ID contemplate students from basic education.

To make Student ID, you will need to download the application to Android or iOS. Until the publication date of this article, the MEC did not make the app available for Android and iPhone (iOS). It will be available on the official Student ID.

Right after, select the university where you are enrolled and enter your personal document data. To make Student ID, O Federal government requires a representative from the Teaching Institution to send student information to the Inep, such as the CPF, date of birth, course, enrollment and semester year of entry of the student. With this information, the Brazilian Educational System, new government database.

THE Student ID be presented online, through the application and with QR Code. If your institution does not send your data, you can contact the representatives to do so. On the official website of Student ID It is possible to access the list of institutions already registered.

important to note that even with the arrival of Student ID, the current model of physical card still remains valid throughout the country. It can be issued through student bodies such as UNE (National Student Union), Ubes (National Union of Secondary Students) and the ANPG (National Association of Graduate Students).

How to issue Student ID

First I need to download the application on Google Play Store or on App Store and register on your smartphone. Then you must access your account with the data created in the register,

  I need to enter your data made on I need to enter your data made on

Tap "Add" to create a Student ID. It will show the terms and conditions, so just read and agree.

Read to accept the terms and conditions of the serviceRead to accept the terms and conditions of the service

He will ask you to take a photo so that you can do facial biometric validation. This photo will be compared to your photo on National Driver's License to prevent fraud. If you do not have a CNH, he will ask for a front and back photo of your RG.

Biometric face validation prevents fraudBiometric face validation prevents fraud

In the case of underage students, the guardian must download the application to allow access. In this case, the school must first inform the MEC who is legally responsible for the student in question.

Were you able to register? Leave it in the comments and help other readers. For more information, just access the official Student ID website.