How to integrate multiple cloud services on iOS

THE iOS 11 brought a novelty long awaited by users: a universal file manager, which allows you to save and access documents, images, audio and whatever you want through any application.

But the great advantage of it is that it allows the integration of the most popular cloud services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box, in addition to some management applications.

Check out in this article how to integrate the cloud service you use right into the system, to gather all your documents in one place.

The idea of ​​the native app Files (Files in Portugal) is to be a central of several services, in addition to iCloud Drive. The concept is very similar to the system’s TV app, which unifies the videos available in different services in one place. In the Files app you can access both a photo on Google Drive as a PDF in the Dropbox, without having to open two different applications for this. In addition, any application in the system has access to them, without you having to authenticate the cloud separately in each one.

To add the various cloud services to the system, you first need to install the application for each service, connecting your respective account to each one (in the same way as with Globo Play and Amazon Vídeo on the TV app). Below you can see some applications compatible with the Archives app:

With all installed and connected, you can throw the icons all in one folder, because you will no longer need them. Everything will now be done by the Archives app.

To activate the services, follow the following step by step:

Step 1: Open the Files app (remembering that it only exists from iOS 11).

Step 2: On the Explore screen, tap the button To edit, at the top right corner.

Step 3: You will then see all supported services that have applications installed. Select the ones you want to be integrated into the system.

There, now your files are accessible by all applications integrated with iOS 11, through the sharing menu.

For example, if you want to send a document via WhatsApp to someone, just touch the +, to choose “Document”And it will open the Files app interface, where you can access any document present in your cloud services, without bureaucracy or difficulties. A real hand on the wheel.

The reverse is true: you can download files received in applications directly to the cloud of your choice, without having to keep them stored on your device.

The Archives app came to fill a hole that existed in iOS for years: a place to manage documents, including those downloaded from the internet. Many people do not use it because they do not understand how it works, but we hope that with this article this tool will help you to organize better on your iPhone or iPad.