How to install Warsaw to access your Internet Banking on Linux

Internet Banking nowadays is much more than a convenience. We live in a time where everything happens faster and faster. The more agility we have to accomplish our tasks, the more we can produce in less time. By contrast, our days and deadlines are getting shorter and shorter. It looks like we're running on a treadmill, and all the agility and time in the world will never be enough.


When Internet Banking began to emerge, many people started using the service for convenience. Simply by not having to leave the comfort of their homes to face queues at banks. However, the rush of life has, over time, made this type of service become something indispensable and of extreme necessity. Becoming a vital gear for the smooth running of everyday business, even the domestic.

Many of the Linux distributions focus primarily on the common user, being the safe haven for the operating system so people can have fun as well as work through the system. To achieve this goal, allowing people to access such an important service as Internet Banking is a must.

However, as we have often commented here on this blog, if there is something that the vast majority of Linux distributions are still unable to successfully do, marketing and publicizing. As a result, people often have a hard time even knowing if a particular district supports such functionality. Or how to do to perform certain task.

A great example of this is our main topic today, Internet Banking. Many major distros support the service, and only a simple procedure is required to make use of it. However simple this procedure may be, the user can never perform it if he does not know it.

Let's now teach you how to install the Warsaw. A cross-platform banking security software, which is the door that prevents you or allows you to access Internet Banking from various banks.

In this tutorial we will install the Warsaw to the Federal Savings Bank, which bank I use. It is important to make it clear that the tutorials below have been tested only with Internet Banking from Cashier. However, according to user reports, this procedure also allows access to Internet Banking from several other banks. So why not try? At the ?

The procedure is a bit different depending on which Linux distribution you use, so we'll split this tutorial into two parts. Being the first for the .deb family, and the Monday for the .rpm family.

1) Installation on Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives:

(Federal Savings Bank only)

In the next screen, wait a few seconds, and after loading, click I agree. When you do this, start downloading a file .deb.

homepage-internet-banking-cash warsaw-download-page-at-the-box-site

Now all you have to do is close the browser and install the file .deb.

To install files in the format .deb, usually all you need to do is double click on it, and then click Install. If it doesn't work, or you prefer, you can always install via the terminal using an equally simple procedure. Look:

Close all your browsers, go to the folder where you downloaded the file .deb, right-click the empty area of ​​your file manager, and click Open in Terminal. At the terminal you just opened run the following command (Remember to replace file name by the name of the file you downloaded.):

sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

If a dependency error occurs, run the command below, and then rerun the install command.

sudo apt install -f

Enter your password, wait for the installation, and you're done!

2) Installation on OpenSUSE, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives:

(Various Banks)

bank-selection-page for-download-warsaw

Now select one of the Linux distributions from the list, and wait for the file to download. .deb or .rpm.

warsaw download-page

Open the folder that contains the file you just downloaded, right-click the empty area of ​​your file manager, and click Open in terminal. Inside the terminal you just opened type the following command according to your distro:


sudo zypper install filename.rpm

During installation an error message may appear, prompting you to try again, cancel, or ignore. Choice ignore. To do so, just press the i followed by Enter.


sudo dnf localinstall filename.rpm

Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives:

sudo dpkg -i filename.deb

If a dependency error occurs, run the command below, and then rerun the install command.

sudo apt install -f

Just one more step left! Now, regardless of your system, continue with the installation by following the steps below: Restart your computer, and access the Warsaw download site again. Click where it is written Click hereas shown in the image below: warsaw-configuration-page

After a few seconds, a message like the one below should appear:

warsaw-setup-page completed

And the installation is complete!

From now on you can simply access your Internet Banking at any time.

I would like to thank the users of Diolinux Plus fabric garden and Xterminator for tips on installing the Warsaw at the Fedora.

Do you use Internet Banking? Did you already know that it was possible to use it in so many Linux distributions? How important for you to have access to this type of service? Tell us in the comments.

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