How to install Telegram Desktop on Linux

A complete tutorial for installing Telegram Desktop on any Linux distribution. One of the advantages of Telegram over its competitors is that it can be used directly from the computer without having to read QR Code or keep the smartphone connected via Wi-Fi, such as WhatsApp.

How to install Telegram on Linux

Telegram has many cool features, as well as being completely free, it has tools that can make chatting with your friends much more interesting, such as the famous stickers. In addition, group management and the ability to respond to a specific person within the group facilitate conversations and debates, which is one of my favorite features.

Although I am not a "heavy user" of WhatsApp or Telegram (or any other) I have a greater contact with Telegram, precisely for its Desktop App. From time to time I decided, for the sake of productivity, to leave the smartphone unplugged a good deal of the time while I work, which has been good for me since I use Telegram on the desktop for professional reasons most of the time .

How to install Telegram on Linux?

This is another really cool feature of Telegram, it has a version for every type of operating system and device, so obviously you can find App versions for your Smartphone, just go to the official website and download or browse the app store of your device. .

You can download Telegram to your computer, regardless of system. through this page.

Those who follow the blog often may have found it curious (or not even noticed) but the title of the subject "How to install Telegram on LINUX" and in "How to install Telegram on Ubuntu"which is the system we usually post information to most often. That's because Telegram is a distro-independent application, which is one of the coolest things, although I have the ugly process on Ubuntu (as you will see) the same goes for any Linux distro you use.

The application is about 20 MB only. Just download and extract the contents of the folder, particularly I recommend you put it in your folder home just for the sake of organization.

Telegram folder inside Home on Ubuntu

Inside this folder you will find the following files:

How to install Telegram on Linux

Only two, the file "Telegram" it's the "Updater"in theory just double click on"Telegram"and it will already be open for you to enter your data and login, remembering that you need to create an account via Smartphone before using the Desktop version. When you enter your number in Telegram Desktop you will receive a call or SMS informing a code This will be the only participation of your Smartphone in the process, so you can simply click on the app and use it.

If Telegram does not open at first, it may not have execute permissions, to see if everything is "OK", right-click on the application and go to "properties".

As shown in the image above, go to the tab "Permissions"and see if the box"Allow file execution as a program"is checked, if it is not checked, close this window and try opening Telegram again.

Telegram Linux

As soon as you open Telegram and log in to the application for the first time it creates a shortcut in your system menu, however you can also lock the shortcut in your taskbar. An indicator is also created in the system notifications area usually to facilitate its access.

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