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How to install SD Card apps on older Androids

Currently, on most up-to-date smartphones, whether with Android Pie, Android Oreo or Android Nougat, it is no longer possible to transfer apps or part of them to the beloved microSD card. Many will miss this feature, but if you have a slightly older handset, you can enjoy this benefit, and we will teach you how.

Why do Nougat, Oreo and Pie no longer allow this function?

The Pixel series no longer has microSD card support. The iPhones, neither. And, in fact, the latest versions of Android even have this support, but they no longer allow apps to be fully or partially installed on cards. But why did it happen?

The reason for this is that keeping the system in only one memory inside the smartphone avoids data loss and application malfunctions due to the division of this memory. Because Google has no control over what developers do with their apps or what manufacturers will do with Android, Google preferred to take this feature off to avoid major problems.

But you can still use your microSD to store photos, videos and other files.

Marshmallow had released general

After many orders, Android Marshmallow has been optimized to handle microSD cards as internal memory, so that complete migration of your apps and data happens seamlessly, making your smartphone's memory fully expandable.

But unfortunately, some manufacturers have set aside this option in their versions of Marshmallow. So, to learn how to increase your Android memory on LG, Sony, and Samsung smartphones, for example, visit the link below:

After Marshmallow, Google decided that the function was very complicated, and that because of not very good cards, variations between smartphones and more, it was better that it ceased to exist.

How to know which applications can be installed on the microSD card

First, be aware that you can't wait for a miracle, as switching apps to the microSD card doesn't necessarily mean having an older smartphone with the lightest, most fluid operating system. As the Android system has evolved, older devices, even with support for a ROM like CyanogenMod, end up outdated, as well as computers with internal components that no longer come with the software.

System applications as well as widgets cannot be transferred to the memory card as they are dependent on the internal storage of the device, and removing or transferring them can cause a system error, which does not find the data needed to run it. So the first thing you need to know is which applications you can switch to the microSD card.

First, check the memory status of your device, as by the end of this process you will be able to know how much space has been freed from your device. To do so, access: Settings> Storage.

internal memory sd card
Go to Settings and see how much internal and external memory you have / AndroidPIT

Then go to: Settings> Applications. In this screen you will have to access application by application to transfer them to the microSD card.

internal memory sd card transfer
By accessing the "Move to SD" button, you free up memory on your device / AndroidPIT

Tip 1

To optimize this process, you can use an application to scan your system to find which applications can be quickly moved. However, you need root access to your device. Below is a tutorial on how to root:

Install on Google Play

So if you have root access, download the Link2SD app and move all recommended apps to the microSD card without worry. If your smartphone is not rooted, you can still use this service to find out which applications can move to the microSD card. However, you cannot move them all at the same time.

internal memory sd card transfer link2sd
Root access offers best options on Link2SD / AndroidPIT

Don't forget about microSD

When deciding to use the function to move apps from internal memory to card, it is obviously necessary to have a microSD. If you don't already have yours, we recommend below two sites where you can look for good and fast templates:

Buy your microSD card here Another site to search for microSD cards

And what is your smartphone and how much memory could you free up using this feature?

This article aims to help the user with basic knowledge to better manage the memory of the smartphone. Thus, updating and republishing this subject will become necessary over time.

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