How to install PopCorn Time on Linux

How to install PopCorn Time on Linux

How to install PopCorn Time on Linux with ease

Monday, October 12, 2015

/ per Annimo

Popcorn Time is a hugely successful service worldwide, known as "Netflix Free" and also for delivering extreme quality and plenty of variety.

PopCorn Time on Linux

A year ago we made a post on how to install easily using WebUp8 PPA that would help us install and update it constantly. But the same is no longer distributed by them. I will use Ubuntu 14.04.3 as an example during this tutorial, but don't worry, this way it is very easy to use it in any Linux distro, at worst the subtle difference. PopCorn-Time-Site

2. After the download is complete, create a folder where you want to leave it and extract the files to that folder. I simply opened the file with the standard Ubuntu archive manager and dragged it to the folder I created.


3 Enter the folder where the files are, right-click and see properties. After that, make sure that the "allow file execution as a program" option is checked in the permissions tab.


4 Now it's all set, just run the "PopCorn-Time" file and start having fun! = D

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