How to install Linux 3.16 Kernel on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Linux Mint 17

Anyone who likes to have the system updated should consider installing the new Kernel on the system as it comes full of performance enhancements, loading what has been accumulated from gaming improvements with Kernel 3.15 (past verse) and other minor bug fixes.

How to install Linux 3.16 Kernel on Ubuntu

Kernel 3.16 Installation Tutorial

What we are going to do relatively simple but Kernel change is an advanced procedure for sure, well you know what you are doing if something goes wrong, I always recommend newcomers to Linux, people who don't have much experience with their systems. as they are as long as they are working properly.

A kernel change is recommended in two cases, when you have some hardware you don't support or when you are enthusiastic and want to see the upgrades that have come in and maybe get some FPS on your games, otherwise if you already have good performance and if your Hardware is working perfectly the need to upgrade dispensable, in the end is your choice.

Open your terminal and paste the following commands, at the end of the procedure your computer will restart.

cd / tmp

wget -The kernel-3.16.1

chmod + x kernel-3.16.1

sudo sh kernel-3.16.1

sudo reboot

If something went wrong or you didn't like it you can remove this kernel like this:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.16.1 *

sudo update-grub

To see more information about the Linux Kernel and all version Change logs you can access the Kernel page at this address.