How to install Google Camera on Android

How to install Google Camera on Android

On Google mobile devices people default to the Google Camera app installed, which is also present on some non-Google devices. As its name suggests, of course, this is the brand's official program for people to capture photos and videos, which are generally better than some manufacturers, which don't always offer a lot of features or good post processing.

Fortunately, for those in the latter situation, some developers end up making adjustments to the Google program so that it can be used on devices not officially supported. Here's how to get theGoogle Camerafor use on any device.


The process shown below teaches one of the most practical methods of obtaining Google Camera without requiring root phone. Still, I must remember that not all devices have a version compatible with Google Camera.

It is also worth noting that even after installing Google Camera, you will be able to continue using the standard camera app of your device.

How to get the right Google Camera for your device

There is more than one way to get Google Camera for devices not officially supported, but in our case a small application is used, which greatly facilitates this task. Check out:

1. Go to Google Play and download the GCamator app;

2. Wait for the app to scan the phone, and if the message ‚ÄúCamera2Api‚ÄĚ is displayed, tap ‚ÄúDevice Info‚ÄĚ;


3. Again, wait for the app to check and when everything is ready, tap ‚ÄúClick to see GCam for your device‚ÄĚ;


4. Grant the permission required for the download and wait for it to be downloaded. If an advertisement appears at this stage, you need to watch your video until the end to proceed;

Play "width =" 860 "height =" 927

5. When the download is complete, tap ‚ÄúOk‚ÄĚ on the message that appears and grant the permission required on Android to install the app;

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6. Then, finish installing the Google Camera app;


7. After installing, on first run, Google Camera will ask for some permissions to be able to capture photos and record videos, as well as save files to your device.


The process shown above has been tested on four devices in the writing of theDigital Look, and only two of them found errors. In the first negative, the phone does not have the active module required to use Google Camera, while in the second negative, the phone even has the module, but Gcamator did not find the right version of Google Camera.

How to install Google Camera on other devices

Anyone who is unsuccessful in installing Google Camera with the Gcamator app can turn to this Xda-Developers page, which has a list of ports compatible with other devices. When you find your phone model on the list, you need to download an APK and install it on your device.

In the latter case, if your device is not on this list either, you can turn to this Google Camera ports hub and try one of the recommended APKs, as some of them work for more than one device.

Ready! You now know how to easily install Google Camera on your Android phone, even if it doesn't have an official version of the app.