Como instalar o tema de ícones e GTK do Flat-Remix no Ubuntu e Linux Mint

How to install Flat-Remix Icons and GTK Theme on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

To be able to customize your Linux distro in any way you understand one of the advantages of the world. Linux. Today we are going to show you a customization set, Flat-Remix that is based on Material Design.

O FlatRemix uses the Arc theme as the basis for building your theme, made by the user daniruiz there on GitHub. The theme has 4 modes with variations, which are: Dark and Dark-Solid; Darker and Darker-Solid; Darkest and Darkest-Solid and GTK and GTK-Solid.


The Flat-Remix theme has themes for both the GTK As for icons, so they can be installed separately, however, in this article we will show how to install them together and thus use them together as well, creating a homogeneous look. To install the theme on Ubuntu/Mint We have two forms, it can be either manually (creating folders), or installing via repository. Let's show you both:

Manual mode

First let's install Flat-Remix for GTK, it can be downloaded here. Save it in a place where you have easy access.

Once downloaded, you have to check if the hidden folder .themes exists in the system, if it does not exist just create the folder in your home with that name, but remember to put the. dot before the folder name, in Linux the folders that start with. are considered hidden folders in the system and so it has to be. To be able to view the hidden folders to press the CTRL + H key combination.

That done, just open the theme file you downloaded with the file unzip and extract its contents into the .themes folder you just created. The next step is to go to your district's customization tool and apply the Flat-Remix theme to the system. On Ubuntu you need to use the GNOME Tweaks and on Linux Mint you should use the theme settings themselves in the Cinnamon control panel (graphical environment).

Installing theme via PPA

The other way to install GTK theme via PPA. To install PPA via graphical interface see this blog article. Let's install via terminal, which is quite simple with just one command the process is solved, just open the terminal, copy and paste this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: daniruiz / flat-remix -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flat-remix-gtk -y

Once installed, simply repeat the procedure to change the theme as mentioned above.

Installing the cone theme

Now let's install the Flat-Remix cone theme, to download just access this link. The procedure for manually installing the same as the theme, just create the .icons folder instead of .themes in your home folder. Forgetting to use the dot before the name again. The rest of the procedure is exactly the same, using the tools already mentioned to activate the themes.

To install via terminal we will use the same PPA. If you added it before, now just run this command on the terminal:

sudo apt-get install flat-remix -y

If you want to save a little time, you can install everything at once using this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: daniruiz / flat-remix -y && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flat-remix-gtk -y && sudo apt-get install flat-remix -y

The result is from the project prints below.

Flat Remix GTK

Flat Remix GTK Darker

Flat Remix GTK Dark

Flat Remix GTK Darkest

To see other daniruiz user projects, just access his GitHub.

Having never too many theme options? =).

I hope you next, a big hug


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