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How to install flat and modern Ant theme on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Learn how to install the modern flat Ant theme on your Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

If you like customizing your Linux, having icon options for the system is always welcome, leaving the system more and more in its own way and personality. The themes with the flat footprint always please those who will customize, examples of these are the themes Numix, Papirus, Suru and Zafirowhich we also made a post showing ..

  How to install flat and modern Ant theme on Ubuntu and Linux Mint The theme brings a futuristic footprint, bringing a very interesting and innovative combination, based on the evopop-gtk-theme theme, already the icon theme based on the Boston theme.

Official images of the project

Theme Installation

To install the theme very simple. First you must download it from the project's GitHub, the next step is to open your file manager and view hidden files, usually Nemo (Linux Mint) and Nautilus (Ubuntu / GNOME) just press the CTRL + H key combination .,


Probably now you will be able to view the hidden files, they start with. (Dot), among the various folders you see, there will probably be a folder called .themes, if it does not exist, you can create it without problems, just remember to add the dot before the name.

Done it just unzip the theme folder by downloading into this folder .themes. To switch to the new theme, simply use the GNOME Tweak on Ubuntu (GNOME Shell) or the Themes tool in Mint, which you find in the control panel, and there change to the Ant theme. The theme can also work on other GTK interfaces like XFCE, MATE, Budgie, etc. However, some details may be out of place.

Official images of the project

To download the theme, access it on GNOME Look through this link or through GitHub.

Hope to see you next post, big hug.

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