Como instalar o Debian no Android

How to install Debian on your Android Smartphone

One of the goals of the Debian project is to be highly portable, and who would doubt that? Debian is using so many different hardware you would even doubt, from space probe watches, and why not on your Smartphone?

How to install Debian on Android

Meet Debian noroot

Do you know those "zapped" ones you give through the Google Play Store from time to time? I was giving my "weekend spin" when I found this app very interesting.

O "Debian noroot"An application that installs Debian on your Android Smartphone as if it were a regular application, you do not need to have Root on the smartphone, though there are some limitations.

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The app install the Debian Wheezzy On virtually any Smartphone with Stock ROM without any problems, however, it cannot be installed on an SD Card and requires 600 MB of free space in its internal memory, if your device has such requirements you can go further.

In this video you see a demo of the application, installed Debian comes with the XFCE environment:

The system has some limitations, some users said that it does not support a browser correctly, but anyway an example of Debian portability, in the video for example we see the user using GIMP through it.

This application is not officially related to the Debian project and also does not load a complete Debian system, the package manager can be used to install applications, according to Synaptic Can give crash and the recommendation is to use the terminal and the apt-get for such functions.

To download the App for your Smartphone just click the button below, but be aware, there are some important details to read in the description of the app on Google Play, so read before proceeding with the install, follow at risk.

Good tests and until next time!

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