How to install Blender on Linux

O Blender It's a super powerful open code tool. Not surprisingly, many call it a Swiss army knife. This is due to the numerous types of work that can be done directly in the program. 3D modeling, manipulation, 2D and 3D animation, simulation, rendering, composition, motion tracking, and even video editing. Tell me if it's not a real thousand and one utilities?

blender-eevee-linux-3d-open-source-modeling-animation-drawing-model-snap-flatpak Version 2.80 was long awaited, the most anxious were using beta 2.79c. We have a post about the long awaited release of Blender 2.80, check it out accessing this link and see the news. I was one of those people myself, where I master Blender or do wonders with the software, however, I always wanted to learn 3D modeling (I was probing and studying an interesting thing I found at Udemy) and also used Blender for other purposes ( I use sometimes to export my videos with transparent background, when Kdenlive does not cooperate).

Installing Blender on Linux

Blender is found in most Linux distributions repositories and can usually be installed via terminal or store. However, these versions will not always accompany the latest releases. This is the case with Ubuntu 18.04, which maintains version 2.79. Check if on your system Blender is at version 2.80, if not. Below I will demonstrate how to get the latest versions of Blender.

Portable blender

The first way to get the most current versions of the program, directly on its official website. This way you will not need to install Blender in your distribution. The file distributed in the format TAR.BZ2by simply unzipping and executing the application with two clicks. However, if the program does not run, check the file properties to see if it has permission to execute (Here came by default enabled). blender-eevee-linux-3d-open-source-modeling-animation-drawing-mockup

Blender via Snap

Continuing, the Blender is available from Snapcraft It is maintained by the Blender Foundation (the organization that manages the project). For Ubuntu users just search the store for: Blender. Make sure you are selecting the Snap version. blender-eevee-linux-3d-open-source-modeling-animation-drawing-mockup-snap

Install Blender Snap via Terminal:

sudo snap install blender –classic

Remove Blender Snap via Terminal:

sudo snap remove blender

Blender via Flatpak

The third way I will demonstrate how to get Blender via Flatpak. This verse maintained by the Flathub communitytherefore the system must have the Flathub repository added (besides Flatpak configured, of course). Unlike the two options above, this may take a while to align with the latest releases (for example, it took about 2 days for Blender Flatpak to be updated to version 2.80). Community responsibility packaging, so this little delay is normal, nothing that will get in the way. In Linux Mint, usually search for: Blender and make sure you have chosen the Flatpak version before installing. J Ubuntu needs to be set up, visit this post and see how to proceed. If you use any system without Flatpak support, this tip may be useful to you. After setting up in Ubuntu, proceed as I described earlier in the case of Mint. blender-eevee-linux-3d-open-source-modeling-animation-drawing-mockup-flatpak

Terminal installation is very simple too, and if you haven't added the Flathub repository to your system, here's how to do it:

flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathub

Install Blender Flatpak via Terminal:

flatpak install flathub org.blender.Blender

Remove Blender Flatpak via Terminal:

sudo flatpak remove org.blender.Blender

Bnus (leaving the Blender interface in English)

Your Blender didn't come in Portuguese? Do not despair! See how easy it is to translate the program interface.

On the top toolbar click Edit >> Preferences … and being in the category Interface go to session Translation. Check the options you want (starting with Translation itself). In Language choose the desired language, in my case Brazilian Portuguese (English).


Save by clicking on the hamburger menu, located in the bottom left, then Save Preferences.


Ready! Now Blender has the interface in Portuguese.

blender-translate-eevee-linux-3d-open-source-modeling-animation-drawing-model-snap-flatpak Join our community at Diolinux PlusMaybe you end up learning some Blender tips over there.

By the next post, I will learn another Blender cadiquin, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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