How to install AVG Anti-Virus on Ubuntu 12.10 or Linux Mint 13

How to install AVG Anti-Virus on Ubuntu 12.10 or Linux Mint 13

Let's enforce security on your Linux

Computer security is one of the most serious issues for computer workers, when we use Linux the risks of infection fall a lot, and although they are almost nil, there are.

I myself have never used anti-virus on my Linux and never had problems.


Why use Anti-Virus then?

Firstly, never too much security, and secondly, unfortunately, we do not live in a world where Linux machines are the majority (for now) then the possibility that you will eventually have to stick your thumb drive in a Windows machine and even a Mac machine. The most likely, and as we know they are more susceptible to viruses.

To make sure there are no virtual pests on your flash drive or even check a windows partition on your machine if you dual boot we will teach you how to install AVG Anti-Virus on Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

AVG is not free software, but free and one of the best options.


Open the terminal and paste the following commands:

wget http://download.avgfree/filedir/inst/avg2011flx-r1408-a3943.i386.deb

To install properly, do:

sudo dpkg -i avg2011flx-r1408-a3943.i386.deb

After installation, to run AVG gives the following command:

sudo avgctl –start

Ready your AVG is already protecting your Linux even more.

How to use

As we mentioned earlier, possibly the largest use of anti-virus in Linux to scan specific folders.

To scan a specific folder, simply type the command:

avgscan -H / PASTE_NAME

Where FOLDER NAME is the directory path you want to scan.

To update AVG use:

sudo avgupdate -d

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