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How to install and use AirDroid on your computer

O AirDroid It is a simple and effective solution to control your Android smartphone remotely through the copier, be it a PC or a Mac. This application allows you to transfer any type of files to the computer and our smartphone, besides the screen playback (screencasting) if you have root permissions. I will now show you how to use it.

airdroid nexus 7 teaser

We tested the app on a Nexus 7 and confirmed the good reputation surrounding AirDroid. It works fluidly, including with a median connection. With it, you can perform 3 functions: file transfer, full remote control and screencasting if the device is rooted. On the other hand, some functions are only available in the paid version.

Installing AirDroid on Android

The great advantage of AirDroid is its ease of use. First, install the Google Play Store app:

AirDroid: Remote Access
Install on Google Play

Once the app is installed, you can choose to create an account or continue without logging in. If you want to connect your Android to AirDroid outside the same network, which is likely you will need to create an account and log in. To connect your smartphone to your computer, simply open the app on Android and then access this address on your PC or Mac. There you must enter the login data you created or simply scan the QR code from AirDroid.

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Registration is only required for different networks. / AndroidPIT
<p><span style=If you want to use AirDroid for screencasting, ie to see your smartphone screen on your computer, you will need to root, and the app will ask for permission through SuperSu.

airdroid nexus7 camera
The AirDroid screen. / AndroidPIT
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The AirDroid app settings. / AndroidPIT
<p>Once connected, you can access any file you have on your Android, copy and transfer whatever you want. Premium version lets you transfer files larger than <strong>100 MB</strong>. On the other hand, the free version lets you use the camera.</p>
<p style=In addition, the app provides an overview of the storage memory available on your device, as well as direct access to share and transfer files between your PC or Mac and Android. We can completely manage music files, video, missed calls, etc. Another extra integrated Premium verse the possibility of make calls directly from PC.

airdroid nexus 7 android installer
Useful: File transfer is very simple. / AndroidPIT

In summary, AirDroid is a simple application, but full of possibilities. It is worth mentioning the practicality of the interface, the possibility of making calls (Premium version), as well as some interesting extras, such as the integration of a button to activate the tethering directly from the app. AirDroid gives you a wide range of functions. I use it a lot to install APKs from my computer just by scanning the QR code. What is its use?

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