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How to install a secure VPN on iPhone and iPad

Much is said about VPN for iPhone, but not everyone knows what it is or how to use it. In times of searching for privacy attention to digital threats and theft of personal data, extra layer of security during your connections is something that is needed every day.

In this article, we will explain to you what VPN networks for iPhone are and how you can use them in your daily life.

What is VPN

VPN is a virtual private network (from English Virtual Private Network – VPN), in which the device’s data traffic passes through a dedicated server before reaching its destination, in order to protect the connection against external agents.

In short, it allows you to connect to a website without any intermediary being able to see your data. This is very useful when connecting to public Wi-Fi such as airports, shopping malls and hotels, where there is a risk of hackers malicious people intercept your communication and have access to everything you send over the web (such as bank password, messages and logins on websites).

In this type of connection, it is very common to make an analogy to a “tunnel”, because the principle is the same: the connection enters at one point and leaves at another, without anyone who is outside being able to see what is happening inside.

In practice, your browsing is anonymous and encrypted, thus protecting your privacy.

VPN for iPhone

Connection security

The purpose of a VPN network is precisely to give more security connections. For this reason, it has always been widely used in companies, so that employees could connect remotely to the system in a way that does not compromise data security.

Another very common use is to simulate that you are in another place the planet. As the connection goes through another server, the final geographic location that will be recorded will be his and not the user’s. So, if you use a VPN with a server in the United States, for example, it is as if you are connecting from there.

For services that restrict access to a specific geographical area, VPN is a way of circumventing this limitation. Many did this to access American Netflix when the service was not yet available in Brazil.

Risks of free VPN

Because it is a connection that passes through a third-party server, you must choose a VPN service trustworthy.

In the App Store there are several VPN apps for iPhone, many free and some paid. The tendency, of course, is to look for those for free, but this can not be a good idea.

Free VPNs must find a way to support the entire structure of such a service (which is not small). Providing dedicated servers costs money and, obviously, no company will do charity, taking money out of its own pocket just so that you have a secure connection. For this very reason, a large part of them selling your data traffic to third parties. Everything you access goes through them, who can register this and offer it to anyone who is interested.

So the tip is to never use apps free VPN for iPhone. If you want security, invest in a sustainable project that does not need to use your personal data as a bargaining chip.

VPN for iPhone

A VPN app for iPhone entirely Brazilian, recently called Spod. He has some proposals that set him apart from other options on the market.

Spod VPN & Web Filter Spod VPN & Web Filter

In addition to the security and privacy that a VPN already normally offers, it is also a firewall specializing in blocking threats to the system and also block trackers advertising. This is because, even in private connections, we are usually exposed to being tracked by browsers, through the cookies present on the websites. With Web Filter, you have really anonymous browsing.

VPN for iPhone

Another interesting point about Spod is that it is the only iPhone VPN that you you don’t need to register! It is not necessary to enter your email address or name, Facebook, nothing. Everything is done by the application, which already works as soon as it is opened and makes the connection anonymously. Even the payment of the internal plan that you make is directly through your App Store account, which makes sure not to pass any personal information to the developers. Card number, address and name is all up to Apple.

VPN for iPhone

Despite being Brazilian, Spod also has servers in the United States, allowing you to mask your location if you need to. The user can choose either an American or a Brazilian server to connect.

Safety:All communication between your device and the Spod network is encrypted using AES-256. And with app locks, you’re also protected from threats like phishing.

Privacy:Neither your operator, nor your provider, nor anyone sharing the same Wi-Fi network will be able to see your browsing data. And blocking crawlers will prevent a website from showing ads for a product you searched for yesterday elsewhere.

Anonymity:In addition to the network being encrypted, there is no provision of any personal data through registration. Browsing is really anonymous.

Spod is not free, which gives you more reason to be trustworthy. It has a monthly or annual plan, the latter with a discount.

Monthly Annual Price


R $ 37.90 per month R $ 31.66 per month
0% 16%

try it free

Don’t know if this service is right for you? So why not try it for free?

The first month of testing is free and you can use all the functions of Spod’s iPhone VPN with all your security, without paying anything. Just install the application on the iPhone and activate one of the available plans. At this time nothing will be deducted from your card registered on the App Store (or from the credits you have added). If you don’t like it or feel that you don’t need it at the moment, just cancel your subscription in Settings before completing 30 days and you won’t have to pay anything.

So, since it costs nothing, our suggestion is that you try it to see if this tool fits your needs and how much it will improve your iPhone experience. Download now, subscribe and test for 1 month. The direct link is this one below.

Spod VPN & Web Filter Spod VPN & Web Filter

This is a promotional article, requested by the Spod team. For our policy on articles of this type, check out This page.