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How to install a custom ROM on virtually any Smartphone

Learn How to Install a Custom ROM on Your Smartphone

Tired of your system, so change!

The cool thing about Android is Linux-based that you can make system changes, and change just about everything. From this I realize that custom ROMs are born.

Custom ROMs are nothing more than Android systems modified by users and developers to look and feel differently, often even as Smartphone performance improves.


Other advantages of installing a Custom ROM that can happen from your Smartphone have not received the latest Android update to Jelly Bean 4.2, and the only way you can install it using a Custom ROM.

But after all, how to install a ROM?

There may be differences, but most Smartphones you will be able to install a ROM the same way, for example, we made a video to show you how to install almost any ROM on your Smartphone.

The above video was produced by our partner Joo Pedro Pereiro from TutoDroidBR Channel. Sign up!


Installing a new ROM is considered by many to be dangerous, because if something goes wrong you can make your device unusable, but if you follow the tutorial properly the possibilities of this happen are really minimal.

Make sure you have a good battery level, more than half the charge, or 80% of an excellent safety charge.

Look for tutorials specific to your device, the procedures may be the same, but the files to install CWM Recovery and Boot may be different.

The main internet site where we find ROMs and tutorials for various models the Frum XDA Developers.

This is all folks, until the next tip!

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