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How to increase RAM and improve Android performance

The secret is in the trading area

Hi reader, to be reading this article you are probably a little upset about the performance of your Smartphone, unless you are part of a specific group that has a powerful Smartphone and wants even more performance.

I did it on my Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus and it has greatly improved the phone performance, so we will bring an app to show you how to decrease lag in games, this is the Swapper for Root.

The most connected people who use Linux must have realized that the word Swapper comes from Swap, partitions that we have learned to know and use often on Linux, Windows also uses Swap but does not allow us to configure the partition size. fat android

For those who do not know the Swap partition serves to help the RAM of your Linux, or in the case of your Android, works like this; when you open many programs simultaneously, depending on how much RAM your smartphone or PC has, it will fill up completely causing your device to slow and often crash, just like on the computer, and what Swap enters, when you have an active swap partition, programs that you are not paying attention to are now moved to a hard disk (swap) partition where they are running in the background until prompted again, freeing up RAM to take care of what really matter at the moment. Obviously, Swap memory is slower than RAM, but this will not affect performance because there will only be applications that are open but you are not currently interacting.

Check out the video of our new partner, TutoDroidBR, and you'll understand the whole process of boosting the memory of your Android Smartphone:

Swapper for Root Download

Final Considerations

Well, done all the process described in the video you may want to check if there is more memory on your Phone via Task Manager, and to your surprise (or not) you will not find any difference, no mega byte, that means I couldn't do the tutorial correctly?

Actually no, that means you didn't pay that much attention, Swap is a partition on the HD (no SD card in this case) and it won't show up in the main memory, and how can I be sure everything went well? Easy! All you have to do is use a different file manager than the one on Android by default, one that has Root access, I recommend SManager, look inside your card for a file called Swap and see that it has the exact size of the partition you created through of Swapper for Root. That is, all right! =)

That's it guys, until the next tip!

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