How to improve the sound quality of Spotify music on iPhone or iPad

THE Spotify it is certainly one of the most popular musical services in Brazil. Its free version allows you to listen to thousands of songs without a subscription (for those who don’t mind being interrupted occasionally by ads that almost never have to do with something you like). But despite being well known, many people do not know how to adjust the sound quality and end up with the default configuration of the application, which sometimes offers a not very good quality.

Here’s how to improve the quality of the sound you hear on Spotify, according to your musical taste.

In the Spotify app Settings, there are two options that can help improve the sound you hear. You access them through the gear button in the main menu of the application.


✪ Transmission quality

On mobile devices where, theoretically, we listen to music over the 3G network, it is important that the application has a way to consume less data when listening to music. Therefore, there is the possibility to choose a smaller file, with lower sound quality, to be heard without problems on slower networks. If you are not enjoying the quality of your music, it may be that this option is set to a lower transmission quality. To change this, go to the menu Preferences (gear button) and choose “Transmission Quality“.


If you want to be sure of the best sound quality, leave “High” selected. But keep in mind that the counterpart of this is that, when you have a slow connection, the songs may suffer minor cuts. The “Extreme” quality is only for subscribers to the service.


✪ Equalizer

In addition to the quality of the broadcast, you can also adjust the audio you listen to, according to the type of music. Just turn on the Equalizer application, to suit the sound. In the preferences menu, go to “Playback” and then “Equalizer“.

Spotify Spotify

The equalizer adjusts the sound according to the type of music you listen to. For example, you may prefer to attenuate the basses, or reinforce them, or choose between musical styles, such as dance, classical, pop, rock and so on. Try what you like best, according to your taste.


Thus, you will have a better experience when listening to your music on Spotify. For those who use Apple Music, there is also a native equalizer, in Settings> Music> Equalizer.