Como melhorar relacionamento com clientes com CRM

How to improve customer relationship with CRM

One of the recurring questions in the routine of those who open a business is how to improve customer relations. After all, recovering a lost customer is almost impossible, while selling to someone who has already bought from you is the easiest.

For this to happen, it is necessary to have a good relationship. In addition to friendliness in service and proactivity in solving any problems. But how to quickly discover and avoid these problems and demonstrate proactivity to your clientele?

A CRM may be what you need to achieve that goal and generate extra income for your business. In the next sections, we will show you the main features of a CRM system that can help you in this relationship.

In addition to the functions, we will also comment on the main advantages of adopting this type of system, which is essential for those looking to improve customer relationships.

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Main features of a CRM

There is no lack of functionality in a CRM system. Even the leanest have everything they need to manage their relationship with customers.

Despite having many functions, we decided to show only the three that we consider vital for anyone who needs to improve their relationship with the clientele as quickly as possible.

Can't you stand to lose a client for lack of better management? Whether you work from home or back to business, these CRM systems can be the key to improving your results!

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<h3>Customer history</h3>
<p>Perhaps the main reason why CRM systems are hired. Every registered customer has a history, which is also powered by you or your sales department.</p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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In this record, you can find out what was the result of the last communications you had with this customer. Complaints, needs, meeting scheduling, useful information to close a sale, among many others.

Knowing a customer's current situation – or even if he needs to be contacted again – is essential to maintaining a continuous relationship and improving customer relationships. That is, to keep in touch with this client and do the traditional follow-up.

Sales Funnel

The history information is not just there for consultation. through them you can position all your contacts in the sales funnel.

This concept, which is also called the marketing funnel, places each contact on your list in one of the three stages of this funnel. There are several methodologies for dealing with the sales funnel, but the common thing is that your contacts are in one of these three stages:

  • Top: is not yet a contact of your company and does not know you. At most, he has already seen content, but without interacting;
  • Middle: can already be considered a contact, but not a customer. to him who must send exclusive content and eventually send offers;
  • Bottom: has a relationship with your company and considers buying with you. There are only a few steps from the sale and you just need a push – which you give through offers – to become a customer.

sales funnel

Metrics for evaluation

CRM systems usually have features that cover all aspects of their relationship with customers. Including metrics for performance evaluation. Do not leave this assessment aside!

Only with these metrics will you be able to assess how your customer service is doing. In addition, the metrics will show whether their new strategies to retain or conquer are working.

Here are some metrics that are usually available in CRM and allow you to assess how to improve customer relationships:

  • Number of new leads obtained in a given period.
  • Number of new proposals sent to a customer in a given period.
  • Number of problems solved in a given period.
  • Number of unresolved problems.
  • Number of evaluations sent by a customer.

Did you learn how to improve customer relationships?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the relationship with your customers can be the difference between having a financially stable business or always depending on how many sales you make in that month, which is very dangerous.

CRM acronym for customer relationship management, in English. Therefore, its natural function is to offer you a complete platform to carry out this administration, improving your processes and, consequently, your relationship with the clientele.

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customer relationship through pipedrive

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Finally, it is worth mentioning one of its most useful features. Through artificial intelligence, you can integrate PipeDrive with other apps used in your company, send notifications about appointments and the possibility to automate the execution of repetitive tasks.

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