How to have the main functions of Android Nougat on your smartphone

How to have the main functions of Android Nougat on your smartphone

Android Nougat is no longer new, however, it remains a restricted option, as are all newly released versions of the OS. If you want to know some news of the new version of the system in advance, keep following me in the next lines of this article I will give you the necessary tips.

Get the Pixel Launcher

We already talked a lot about Pixel Launcher here on the site. Incidentally, it is the entry point for this customization process that makes your device similar to Google Pixel, or Pixel XL, however you like. Last week I posted a tutorial for installing our Big G launcher, which will be exclusive to the company's new models.

In addition to the launcher, there is also a new system of wallpapers, which deliver a differentiated software customization experience. It is an online collection that has images of the highest quality / resolution. I invite you to access the full tutorial and install Pixel Launcher on your device to test. To do this, go to the article below:

pixel launcher xperia one
Pixel Launcher / AndroidPIT

Install Nougat Dialer

The nougat Android dialer has gained a slight makeover, which can be noticed on the caller ID screen. Now, the screen that displays the contact ID fills the entire display, along with a distorted transparent background. The only counter to this application is that it is only compatible with Nexus devices or other slightly modified versions of the system.

Get Android Nougat Night Mode

With Android Nougat you can turn on night mode on your smartphone. This feature allows you to use a filter that makes the screen warmer and less blue in color, great for night time use, for example. It is not possible to have the dark mode option with these apps, but you can decrease the brightness and hue.

There are many application options that offer this feature, but my favorite option is Lux. You can download it from the Play Store via the link below:

Lux Lite
Install on Google Play

lux app tips dark mode
Lux brings night mode to your Android / AndroidPIT

Google keyboard

The keyboard on Android Nougat is the same as available on the Play Store. If you really want to get in the mood for the new version of the green robot, ideally have it as the main keyboard of your device. In addition to predefined themes and the option to create custom themes, Google Keyboard brings gesture writing, efficient prediction system and other extras. Download it from the button below:

Gboard the Google Keyboard
Install on Google Play

google keyboard height
Google Keyboard / AndroidPIT

Now, if you already have Google Keyboard, make sure you know the best usage tips to make your writing even more efficient. Access the article below:

Install Google Assistant (root access)

Google Assistant is a solid preview of what we'll have as a standard Android experience for years to come. We can say that Assistant is a clear evolution of Google Now, and has even deeper integration with Google services. Before leaving for installation, if you are a user with root access on the device, I recommend you know Google Assistant through the article below:

Now that you know Assistant, let's go to the procedure:

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Google Assistant works in English and Portuguese / ANDROIDPIT
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