How to have the Always On Display function on any Android smartphone

Not every smartphone has the "Always On Display" function, either LCD or AMOLED models. In this article, you will discover a simple application tip that takes the feature to other templates.

Moto Screen, At Glance, Ambient Screen and Always On Display. These are the most common names for the function that adds a dark screen when the device is locked displaying notifications and information more discreetly. The great advantage of the feature is that the user has access to notification details without having to unlock the device itself, either by touching the screen or just approaching it.

An app tip that brings Always On Display to any Android smartphone is Always On AMOLED, one of several options available on Google Play. There are extra features that need to be purchased internally, but the main ones are available for free. Despite the name AMOLED, the app works on LCD screens.

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Always On app / AndroidPIT

You install the app on your smartphone and make the initial settings so that the environment screen displays the most relevant information for you. You can adjust the app to display Always On when the user lifts the smartphone for 10 seconds or reduce brightness to save power. This app also features a useful power saver mode for those who use LCD panel or worry about apps consuming background resources.

Install on Google Play

Like I said, this app is not the only one that adds this feature to any Android, but I found it the easiest option to set up and also quite efficient.

Do you have ambient screen mode on your Android?

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