How to have Android M standard clock on your smartphone

Some native Android apps can be manually downloaded and uninstalled on multiple devices, such as the Google keyboard, calendar, and translator. However, a very simple application had not yet been made available for single download: the clock. Following all Material Design guidelines on Android M, the system's standard watch has just been made available for download from the Play Store. Check out more details below.

The watch app was made available today (18/06) for download through the Play Store. All devices running Android KitKat 4.4.4 can experience the new feature, which came straight out of Android M. The app, besides showing the time, has an alarm, world clock, timer and timer. Minimalist design follows all Material Design guidelines in the latest version of the system, with enhanced and intuitive usability.

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Options of the Android standard clock. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Unfortunately, the Google clock does not have a <em>widget</em> itself, which may be a disadvantage for some users. However, you can continue to use the <em>widget</em> native hours of the device.</p>
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Many proprietary interfaces already make their versions of the standard Android clock available, however, many users may prefer the new solution on their devices. After installation, you can remove the application normally. You can download it directly from the Play Store via this link.

And what clock do you use on your Android?

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