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How to get banned from WhatsApp without needing a first judge

Violate app's terms of service

If you didn't have the patience to read WhatsApp's terms of service before installing it on your smartphone, don't worry: almost nobody did that either. But that does not mean that there is no punishment if the rules in the document are broken.

That "innocent" politically incorrect video can cause your expulsion from the communicator

The problem is that the text, besides being gigantic, is also in English. Anyway, if you want to take a look, click this link.

But to make your life easier, we highlight below key points of the terms of use where you can be punished:

Spam or any form of commercial promotion

As with your email accounts, spamming or any other form of advertising always bothers the recipients. And in the case of WhatsApp, this is even worse because it is a real-time communicator that sends alerts whenever you receive the messages. Result: temporary ban for those who throw this practice.

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  Spam won't be forgiven / ANDRODIPIT
<p>So if you are planning any business with messenger, contact the Facebook marketing department (WhatsApp controller) and see how you can reach as many people as possible without being disturbed. </p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Maintain communication with strangers

Few things bother a WhatsApp user as much as getting messages from people that they have no idea who they are (besides being kind of scary, too). Therefore, you can report the eavesdropper to the messenger administrators, who will check whether the sender often uses this practice. If so: red card.

So if you want to keep the dialogue with someone not on your contact list, send a message first to remind the person you are asking to be added. Simple and practical.

Too many groups

Managing conversations in acquaintances groups in WhatsApp is no easy task. Now imagine if you find yourself in groups with people who have no idea who they are.

Well, there are people who create dozens of groups, full of unknown people, usually for business purposes or to talk about topics you just don't care about. Or even interested, but you do not know the citizen, sometimes balls!

whatsapp update groups contacts infos
WhatsApp Groups: Only Required / ANDROIDPIT

Therefore, if you are in one (or several) of these groups, you can report the administrator to WhatsApp, which may temporarily ban the messenger. But if you are a practitioner of this action, make sure the add-on is on your contact list and, most importantly, that it has allowed you to be included in the group.

Be blocked many times in a short time

Blocking or being blocked by someone on WhatsApp is normal, especially if you have some kind of more serious disagreement with your caller. Bye, fine. The problem is if the user is blocked often in a short time.

WhatsApp will not notify user before permanently disabling account

If this happens, the WhatsApp system will monitor the chat … ops … user and if he notices that locks are happening frequently, he will simply ban the service number.

Inappropriate Messages

Let's combine: Often, our WhatsApp is not exactly an example of virtue and politically correct content. In fact, it is far from it, with improper jokes, phrases, pictures and videos running smoothly. But did you know that this can cause your messenger ban?

whatsapp midle finger
No aggression, young man! / ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp's terms of use provide that messages that do not comply with the rules may be removed and, in the latter case, cause the suspension of the user. It's okay that this will only happen if the content is really offensive, to the point of being illegal and generating complaints, but already know that you are subject.

Messages, messages and more messages

We know that you are a communicative, expansive person and want to spread your word to the world. And messengers help a lot in this task, in (along with Facebook text)? But even in programs like WhatsApp there are limits.

whatsapp search conversations
Communicate sparingly, please / ANDROIDPIT

This is because the application detects and blocks the user who sends too many messages to a large number of people. To avoid having to go through this, use Broadcast Lists to send the same message to all your contacts.

And how do you get your number banned FOREVER from WhatsApp?

The reasons for being permanently banned from WhatsApp are very similar to those that temporarily suspend the user. According to the official application page they are:

According to WhatsApp, the application will not communicate the user before disabling the account. Also according to the app admins, when this happens, friends and family of the banned number will not be able to see it in their Favorites or Contacts lists on Android after 72 hours of disabling.

If the banned user wants to appeal the expulsion decision, they should send an email to the app admins, who will look into the case. Remember that the company's support is based in the US, so it is recommended that the email be in English.

Have you had any WhatsApp suspension issues?

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