Como ganhar seguidores no TikTok? [Guia Completo]

How to gain followers on TikTok? [Guia Completo]

You started using TikTok, laughed at some of the best videos on the platform and even posted yours. Suddenly, the app has become one of the most downloaded and there are already millionaire influencers! Did you think of embarking on that wave? If you want to reach the audience present in the app, it is certainly worth investing in gaining followers on TikTok to try to earn money with this social network.

Now, where do you start the journey to become one of TikTok's greatest personalities?

That's what we're going to show you throughout this article!

Next, we will teach you how to choose the public to attend. This is just the first step.

Then, we’ll show you what you need to do to cultivate a follower base on the social network, offer some tips to optimize your reach and present a tool that will allow you to gain followers on TikTok faster!

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How to choose your audience on TikTok?

The first thing you need to know is the general public of TikTok. With 800 million active users worldwide and an impressive 1.5 billion downloads, it ranks ninth among the most used social networks on the planet.

It is worth mentioning that 90% of active users access TikTok every day. Another interesting fact is that 41% of users are in the age group of 16 to 24 years old. The remaining 59% are distributed in the remaining age brackets.

That is, if you want to get started, you can start thinking about your content reaching that 41% of the public, but don't take that as a rule.

After all, there are still another 59% of users in different age groups that your videos can also meet or entertain.

If you chose the predominant age range, then it is interesting to take another step, which we will show below.

Choose a niche to act

gain niche tiktok followers

If you have been working with social media for some time, you certainly know what we are talking about. If not, stay tuned, as this is the golden tip for working with any content on the internet: define your niche!

What a niche? While the target audience is a mass with generic characteristics – age, location, income, etc. Although it is also useful in marketing, it needs to be more refined when we are talking about digital marketing and TikTok itself.

In addition to the generic features we mentioned, here you need to discover a few more things. Interests, hobbies and problems are some of the things you need to discover while defining a niche.

Why do you need to discover these things?

Because with this information you will develop the content strategy you need to gain followers on TikTok!

What is the importance of having a content strategy?

Because without it, gaining real followers and interested in what you have to post is more difficult. Even worse, she may be attracted to one of your videos and not be interested in the rest of the content. The consequence of this is to win a follower who will lose next.

Do you have doubts about choosing your niche? Try to start with your own interests, aim at your own audience and study what influencers in your area are already doing. To do this, take a look at our article teaching you how to download videos from TikTok!

What do you need to do to cultivate a following and optimize your reach?

There are some actions that you need to take consistently to be able to gain followers on TikTok. Some of them are characteristic of any social network, while others are particular to the platform.

See the top tips to get more followers for your profile!

1. Produce original content

Shortly before, we recommend checking the content of other influencers on the platform. This does not mean that you should copy what they are doing.

Therefore, it is essential that it produces original content. If this is a piece of advice that serves even social networks that require more politeness and content that looks more professional, at TikTok it has even more value.

We say that because TikTok users are not looking for a ready formula, but authentic content that causes some kind of emotion in those who accompany you.

So you can even use formats similar to those of other users, but remember to produce original content and your way, which is not the same as anyone else's.

2. Upload videos every day

Many ancient sayings have no practical application in our lives. Whether the teaching is dated or the lesson itself will not be of any help. But there are some exceptions and the saying “who doesn't see, doesn't remember” seemed to predict the arrival of social networks in our society.

As the focus of TikTok is short videos, the weight of this saying is even greater. So it is essential that you post at least one video daily.

To help you, we strongly recommend that you create a calendar of posts, in which you will schedule the production of your content in advance. Even if there is no tool to schedule posts on TikTok, you can leave everything ready so that, when the day comes, just press play and create your content!

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<h3>3. Incorporate popular songs</h3>
<p>We know it's full of Japanese rock from the 2000s in its collection of offline music. In your TikTok content, however, try to take advantage of the musical trends – unless your audience is fans of Japanese early millennium rocks.</p>
<p>Use songs that are hits from the right moment to cause identification and show that you know how the application works.</p>
<p>Wondering how to find the most popular songs on TikTok?</p>
<p>The process is very simple. Just browse the seo<strong>To you</strong> of the app and check which songs the recommended users are using in their posts. If you like a song, click on the vinyl icon to identify it and write it down in a note pad.</p>
<p>When creating content, consider using one of the options you found in your search.</p>
<h3>4. Create an attractive profile</h3>
<p>Your profile page is the business card on the social network. The page is very similar to the one we see in Instagram bios, so just choose a strategic username, in which users will recognize you as soon as they access your page.</p>
<p>In addition, you can put a brief description below, before your posts appear. If you are creating a TikTok for your brand, you can put what your business does. If you are investing in a career as a digital influencer, you can use the space to mention the type of content you publish on this network.</p>
<h3>5. Participate in the TikTok Challenges</h3>
<p>Occasionally, a kind of challenge made to users of the platform, who must create posts performing these "missions". The challenge is often funny or slightly embarrassing, but most are harmless and can be a good way to generate engagement through likes and comments.</p>
<p>What happens when you successfully generate engagement?</p>
<p>Your posts are recommended for more users, increasing your chances of gaining followers on TikTok!</p>
<p>If you still don't know what TikTok Challenges are, you will have a good notion when checking our selection with the best challenges published on the social network.</p>
<p>To find current challenges, you can go to the exploration tab and search for the most popular TikTok hashtags. Typically, TikTok Challenges that achieve great popularity appear in the recommendations.</p>
<p>A, just see what the current challenge is and publish your own version!</p>
<h3>6. Edit your videos</h3>
<p>Although TikTok is a network made up of users looking for authenticity, this does not mean that you should publish your videos without any type of filter. There are applications for video editing that will allow you to make improvements, take out small imperfections or cut sections that were not as cool as you imagined.</p>
<p>These applications also allow you to speed up or slow down the video playback, include exclusive filters that do not exist in TikTok and some of them also allow subtitles in TikTok videos.</p>
<h3>7. Study hashtags and trends in the app</h3>
<p>Although it is a piece of advice that we have given throughout the article, it is necessary to reinforce the importance of understanding how TikTok hashtags work and how to anticipate trends.</p>
<p>With a good understanding of both issues, it is easier to plan content in advance. When you are ahead of the calendar and trends, you have more time to prepare higher quality content than your competitors.</p>
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