How to find the files you downloaded on Android

How to find the files you downloaded on Android

This may be a superficial question for users who know Android, but many still do not know where the downloads that are made on the cell phone are stored. If you are sometimes faced with this doubt, I will try to explain in the simplest way in this article what you can do to access your downloaded files.

Before starting the tutorial, we need to make some things clear about what we mean by "downloaded files". I am referring here to the downloads you make through the internet browser, or else you receive by e-mail, such as PDSs, installers, folders and among others. Photos and images from WhatsApp, for example, are saved in a specific application folder, and not next to common downloads.

How to find downloaded files on Android

As I said above, I want this tutorial to be quick and practical, allowing you to quickly memorize the path you need to take to find your downloads. If you use Android Marshmallow or a later version, like Nougat, Oreo and Pie great, as the system has a built-in file manager.

To find it, also go to: Settings> Storage> Explore. The file manager will be opened and, on some Android, it can be found in the application tray with the symbol "Downloads".

native manager android tips
Android / AndroidPIT file manager

You can also download an application for this purpose, as shown in our list of the best file managers for Android:

My suggestion here is File Commander, which is easy to use and has a very intuitive interface. You can choose any other, since, basically, every application of this kind has similar usability.

File Commander – Manager
Install on Google Play

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File Commander / AndroidPIT interface (screenshot)

There is also Files Go, from Google, which can be downloaded on Google play and brings some extra tools that help the user to manage the internal space of the device before it gets full. The app also supports external connection and USB OTG.

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File Go / Screenshots: AndroidPIT

Google Files Go: Free up space on your phone
Install on Google Play

Remember that files downloaded to the memory card are in separate locations from those downloaded directly to the phone's internal memory. To do this, access the side menu of the app, as well as the native Android download manager, and select the memory you want to access.

Do you use any file manager? Do you download a lot on Android?

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