How to fade the background of an image with your phone

With the help of a Google Play app, you can leave any or one object in focus by discoloring a photo's scenery. See how to do it!

Before you leave posting photos on social networks, it is very common that you want to edit them to give them more style or just to be more beautiful. To help you with this task, the vast majority of mobile phones today have ready-made features, but these are not always the same as those available for all phones or models.

In turn, a very interesting feature is the so-called “Spotlight Color”, which is often present on Motorola handsets and lets you discolor just a few elements of the photo like the scenery. To have a similar effect on non-Android phones, here's how to discolor the background of an image on any Android.


Unlike some features or effects that already integrate the camera and deliver real-time results, the process below shows how to edit an image without having to have advanced knowledge of the subject.

How to fade the background of an image with your phone

To achieve the effect mentioned above, the process below shows how to use one of the programs featured inGoogle PlayThe procedure takes a few minutes to complete. Check out:

  1. Visit Google Play and download the Photo Color Contrast Free app;
  2. When opening the program, choose between using an image from your “Gallery” or taking a new photo with the camera;


  3. To proceed, grant the requested permission and choose the app to use to select or take the photo;


  4. Make the necessary adjustments to the photo so that it is the desired size and ratio;

    Play "width =" 860 "height =" 927

  5. Tap the "Brush" option and select in the image, the element that should be colored;


  6. Once you have made your selection, if you wish, use the filter option to change the color tone of the images;


  7. When you're done, tap the “Proceed” icon and use the “Share” function to be able to post your image to social networks or other apps.

    Play "width =" 860 "height =" 613

Ready! Now you know how to use Photo Color Contrast Free to make your photos with just one element in focus.

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