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How to experience Android stock without root

If you're tired of your manufacturer's skin but don't want to compromise your hardware by betting on the root of your smartphone to have an experience with the stock version of Android, your problems are over! Check out some app tips for getting your device mobile with the face of Google's Nexus line.

Android stock without root
Xperia T without administrator access with the face of Android stock! / AndroidPIT

If you follow AndroidPIT, you know I'm a big fan of Android in its pure version, without that myriad apps from manufacturers and carriers that are sometimes useful but mostly could very well be downloaded from third parties instead of coming. integrated into the OS. Lately we've talked a lot about how to have some of the future Nexus 5 functions on your smartphone or how to have Moto X functions. Gizmodo UKHere is a list of applications that offer the same experience as Android stock on your smartphone Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, HTC … WITHOUT the need for administrative access to them.

Tip 1: Lanador

If there's one thing that defines Android stock your launcher. If you are a Samsung user, you are used to the TouchWiz UI, if you have a Sony Xperia UI, if you have an HTC Sense. It is not the launcher that contains your apps and widgets, as well as their display features. However, as custom skins are what characterize smartphones, they offer very little of the pure Android experience to users.

The good news is that you don't have to be alone with manufacturers' launchers, with third party apps you go beyond. In the Google Play store you will find free launchers like Nova and Apex. In addition to looking a lot like Android stock, they offer extra customization features.

Android stock without root Lancer
New Lanador! / AndroidPIT

Installation: After downloading the launcher, press the home button and you have a menu that lets you choose which launchers you want to use, choose Nova or Apex.

Tip 2: Lock Screen

After the heart of the device is beating to the beat of pure Android, it is the turn of the lock screen to identify your smartphone as such. The tip download to Holo Locker. The devs of this app are to be congratulated, because the scary similarity!

Android pure lock screen without root
Holo Locker lock screen! / AndroidPIT

Installation: After you download the app, go to settings and activate the app.

Tip 3: Keyboard

The keyboard of smartphones offered by manufacturers have undergone an optimization in recent times, I have to confess that some of them are already usable without prejudice. But none of them are really as good as the free alternatives available on the Android market.

Swiftkey android stock keyboard
Keyboard with "Flow" function like Swiftkey delivers similar experience to Android keyboard! / AndroidPIT

The tip here is to replace your keyboard with apps like Swiftkey or Swype, as well as both offering a very similar experience to Google Keyboard, they have customizations and new typing modes that are really worthwhile.

Tip 4: Wallpaper

If the launcher is the heart of pure Android, the wallpaper is the soul. So to have a true look with Android stock, you also need a wallpaper that offers Jelly Bean's face. Once again, finding the right wallpaper is within a click or two of the Play Store. The tip here is the Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper.

Link to video on Youtube.

Tip 5: Google Apps

In addition to what we see at a glance, Android stock is also characterized by Google apps. That is, try downloading apps like Chrome, Gmail, and Google Calendar; Maps can not miss either. Another issue, the Google Search app is our well-known Google Now, but under another name.

All are available for download from the Play Store, but the bad news is that apps like Chrome, for example, require Android 4.0 or higher. Also, as what the eyes don't see the heart doesn't feel, you may not even be able to delete the equivalent apps from your manufacturer's skin, but you can remove them from the home screen.

I would also point to Google Keep, which came standard with the Nexus 7 (2013) 4G in a recent Android 4.3.1 update in the US, and Hangouts.


For an Android experience coming straight from Google, a few downloads are enough. Of course, not every smartphone system with a manufacturer skin will offer what a Nexus device delivers, but it is already eye-catching. If you want more, use your device's root and custom ROMs. But don't let yourself know that if you do not have administrative access to your mobile device, you will never have the hope of Android stock, because you just realized that this is not true!

That said, with these five tips, it is clear that we are heading for a time when more and more software will provide an experience previously only possible through official applications. So here goes a "live!" to developers who break their heads to market previously exclusive apps.

And, do you mean any other apps that offer the experience of pure Android without the need for root access to a device? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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