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How to expand S3 and Note 2 internal memory to 64GB at no cost

Yes, you read that right. I am going to show you a method for extending the internal memory of 16GB of Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 and literally quadrupling your internal memory to 64GB. In addition, you will still have about 10GB of free external memory, such as micro SD card, and can store a total nonsense of 70GB (internal 64GB, external approximately 10GB). You still think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

The method to do this is not only incredibly easy, but it will literally save hundreds of dollars when buying a device with more storage space. So enough talk and let's quadruple 16GB? Take less than 10 minutes.


If you have never found a good reason to root your device, check out the images below my Note 2 and rethink your placement. On the left side, without installing the mod and on the right with the mod already applied:

Did you notice any difference? Yes, my 16GB has multiplied and I now have much more internal memory, right? How is this possible?

Now, before you stop reading this article because of the fear of rooting your device, wait a minute. Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2 (and installing this mod) is so easy that you will be really surprised. So true that you can check out the entire GS3 root process by accessing this link.

Don't be afraid

I believe you know how to upload a photo on Facebook, correct? You click "Attach Image", then take a look to make sure the right photo has been chosen, and then you give the command to upload the image. Well, if you can do that, we know that these two root terminals follow exactly the same principle. Open a program called Odin, look for a file you previously downloaded, and you hit a button to start root and that's basically it. Similarly, you can unroot your terminal. So believe me, you have nothing to fear!

Note 2 root files can be found here and for GS3 root here. You only need two minutes and then we can continue with the mod.


This process may seem impossible to you, if you consider that buying an S3, or even the newly released Note 2, with 32 or 64 GB of internal memory can only spend a lot more money, but expanding the memory to 64 GB is possible. You only need a micro SD card and have rooted your device. What this mod does to deceive your smartphone, making it understand that the internal memory is external and vice versa. In other words, brilliant.

This mod comes through the XDA Developers member mattiadj, and can be used on GS3 and Note 2. Thanks to him (and szymi22 for calling Note 2 owners' attention) for his amazing work. Now, let's install the mod.

The right card

Note that this is only worth it if you have at least one 32 GB microSD card. I am using a 64 GB card and it works very well. I personally recommend a Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 card, but you can use any other.

Simple method of installing this mod

There we go. For Note 2, all you need to do is follow the walkthrough below:

  • Root device
  • Back up in case something goes wrong
  • Go to this XDA File Page
  • Download the Perseus kernel file (mod requires a custom kernel) If your ROM already has an option to install this kernel, you do not need to download the kernel. But I would like to move on and flash the original as it is safer (ROM Mikes Android Revolution uses and highly recommended).
  • Download the 11extsd2internalsd file. If the card is 32 GB, select the file FAT32. If it is larger than 32 GB, select the exFAT file.
  • Restart in recovery mode
  • Flash (install) the kernel
  • Flash (install) the 11extsd2internalsd file
  • Restart

The files in this folder also work in GS3 (even they are still called S3 files in the Note 2 articles), but in any case, the original mod segment for S3 can be found here. It also includes a video tutorial.

After the restart, you will see that your internal memory has increased and your "original" memory will be read as SD card. Now you can go crazy by installing games and apps on your smartphone, as well as photos, music, movies and whatever you want.

On Note 2, I realized that the only drawback is that some games and applications may take a few seconds to load, but in most cases, I didn't notice any other changes related to device performance.

Another advantage of Android

You see, this is one of the reasons why I chose the Android operating system. This cannot be done with an iPhone. I believe it is an advantage with incredible benefits and if you want to go back, just unroot the device and we can always go back to the original ROM.

This another big reason why I love Android. Only with your open code system can we access mods like this. It's easy, very practical, and you can remove them if you no longer want this setting (the instructions for doing so are in the GS3 file folder. Or you simply reflash the ROM to remove it). The benefits are huge and I am filling my Note 2 with all the games I had on my Transformer Prime.

This mod will save you a lot of money and will fully open the possibilities of your Note 2 and Galaxy S3. A big thanks to the XDA member for the amazing mod!

Have fun!

Image: cdn.itproportal

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