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How to equalize the sound of music on your iPhone or iPad

A lot of people like to hear music on iPhone. It is practical, you can take it with you wherever you go and you can choose whether you want to use the streaming (Apple Music) or copy your own music to your device. But in addition to each user having their own and often different auditory sensitivities, headphones of different brands and models also have their different characteristics.

Therefore, it is essential that music lovers adjust the audio according to the situation and their personal taste, to make the most of it. And that’s why iOS has an option for equalize the sound, according to the listener’s preferences. And this article will teach you how to do that.

IOS has a native equalizer for the app Music, which is for both Apple Music and downloaded songs. To adjust to your preference, follow the steps below:

→ Connect the headset or speaker

We are assuming that you are wanting to listen to the music on your headphones or on an external speaker, because if it is only to listen on the “speakerphone” of the outputs of the iPhone or iPad itself, we already say that the difference does not it will be that big. So the first thing is to connect the headphones or speakers that you are going to use.

→ Put on a song to play

Our test will be done with a song playing on the device. This way we will have the answer in real time, being able to compare the different equalizations. Give preference to the music you intend to listen to.

→ Open iOS Settings

With the music playing in the background, open the System Settings.

→ Access the equalizer

Go in Music »Equalizer.

→ Choose equalization

Now just touch the different options and choose which one appeals to your ears the most. When you reach a conclusion, just exit Settings and all songs played will respect this setting.

With that, headphones that reinforce the bass or speakers that have very high treble, can be adjusted according to your taste.

This tutorial works for songs from the native iOS app. To adjust the audio on the Spotify, read this other article.

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