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How to enable WhatsApp emojis using the Android keyboard

I tried everything to get new WhatsApp emojis, including being part of the WhatsApp beta tester program. However, I was only able to enable additional emoji on WhatsApp using the keyboard installed on my Android. If you also want to use now some emoticons that are not in WhatsApp or are prohibited, you have to follow the same process as me: enable additional WhatsApp emojis from the keyboard.

How to enable additional WhatsApp emojis

Download the latest version of WhatsApp

Firstly, you need to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android. This version is required to enable new emojis, including the middle finger, since support for this symbol only happens after this update.

To do so, you can access the article with instructions to always get the latest version of WhatsApp through the link below:

After you upgrade WhatsApp, follow the next steps.

  • You will need to copy the desired emoji available through this link. The emoji is the square with the black outline. Copy this square at the top left of the site and continue to the next step. Among the options available in "Code Points", we select the middle finger emoji, but you can search for other emoticons;
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Copy emoji with middle finger / ANDROIDPIT
<li>Open your Android signup and language settings;</li>
<li>Select the desired keyboard such as Google Keyboard, Asus Keyboard (image below), Swiftkey or Samsung Keyboard. This feature supported by any of them. Go to the selected keyboard settings;</li>
<li>Find the "personal dictionary" or "add personal dictionary" option. This option may be described differently in each version of the system; therefore, carefully read the settings of the selected keyboard and find the most similar description;</li>
<li>Click on the "+" cone;</li>
<li>Paste the copied emoji on the site in the "phrase" field;</li>
<li>In the "shortcut" field type a sequence of letters that will be your activation combination. Do not use combinations like "Hi" or "Ok" so that an emoticon does not display erroneously.</li>
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  • Confirm your change and exit system settings;
  • Open WhatsApp (already updated), and type the string you created in the personal dictionary.
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Test the function on your WhatsApp / ANDROIDPIT
<h3>And which emoji would you like to receive with the next update?</h3>
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