How to enable Message Forwarding from your iPhone to your Mac

SMS relay

IOS 8.1 brought, for those with Mac, a very cool function: the Message Forwarding, which allows you to receive and reply to SMS messages directly on your computer when your iPhone is nearby.

But some users are having trouble activating the function, as they do not receive the code used to pair the devices. Below are some possible solutions.

1. Turn iMessage on and off on iPhone

Some users are managing to resolve it simply by turning off the iMessage function on the iPhone and then turning it back on. Try on your device to see if the Mac code reaches your iPhone. (Settings> Messaging> iMessage)

2. Add an email account

Other users (from the MacRumors forum) are managing to resolve it simply by adding an email address to the iMessage account. We suspect that this does the same thing as the previous tip, but if the first one doesn’t work, try this one.

If you’re having trouble pairing your iPhone with your Mac, try these tips and tell us if they worked or not. ?