Como habilitar a transparência dinâmica no Ubuntu 19.04

How to enable dynamic transparency in Ubuntu 19.04

For those who missed the transparency in the top bar, today we will show how to enable again.

For those using the Ubuntu 19.04 with GnomeYou have probably noticed that the dynamic transparency in the top bar no longer happens. Today we are going to show you how to bring her back.

How to enable dynamic transparency in Ubuntu 19.04

The Gnome folks have disabled this feature since version 3.32, saying that the function had usability and readability issues.

Instead, a dynamic effect was made, but I stay in the mucho. This is found today, making the top panel semi-transparent when no window is open and maximized, turning the bar black when the window touches it.

But not all are cloudy times with troves. At the Gitlab GNOME already has an open topic to bring back this functionality.

As long as this functionality comes back, we can use an extension in Gnome to use it again. The extension to Dynamic Panel Transparency.

This extension works from GNOME 3.22 or higher, thus bringing dynamic transparency to the top bar of your GNOME.

To install it, very simple. In Gnome Software (Ubuntu Software) and magnifying glass put the name of the extension, Dynamic Panel Transparency and then click install. Will open a confirmation window, just give yes and wait for the installation.

Using the extension, you can make the following adjustments to it:

Adjust panel color and opacity using app-based

Set text and panel to color globally

Modify text shadow

Set transition time

To download the extension directly from the GNOME website, just access this link. To know Github visit this link and the project website. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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