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How to enable 4G on Galaxy S4

One of the most interesting functions of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the possibility of being connected to LTE networks, better known as 4th generation or 4G. Whoever has the device (and the plan that supports it) can activate it immediately. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

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Enable 4G on your S4. / AndroidPIT

There are many operators with 4G networks, but you should always check if the service map covers your area and if you have a 4G enabled SIM card. Also, be aware that 4G networks allow extremely fast internet browsing and the ability to download and upload at incredible speeds (326 Mbps for the former, 86 Mbps for the latter).

1. Click on "Menu"

2. Go to "Settings"

3. Click on "More Networks"

4. Go to "Band Selection"

5. Select the network you want. For 4G / LTE, choose "LTE / CDMA". For 3G, choose "WCDMA"

6. Click OK and the device will restart with the new setting.

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4G on your S4. / AndroidPIT
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