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How to enable 2-step authentication for your Nintendo Account

Two-step authentication is the best way to protect your Nintendo Account

Recently, several Nintendo Accounts were misused by malicious users. Most of this ?security breach? happened to accounts that were still linked to an old Nintendo Network ID (NNID). This was essentially the system of user accounts used in the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo's official response to this security incident is that they are investigating the causes and have indicated that all users activate two-factor authentication on their accounts. In this article we will teach you how to protect your Nintendo Account.

Enabling Nintendo Account Two-Factor Authentication

To activate the two-factor authentication in your Nintendo Account you will need a PC to access your account via browser, and a smartphone with the Google Authenticator (available for Android and iOS) installed. This little app Google It is a security tool that generates random codes, which you can use in various services to perform accesses that require extra steps to protect your data.

  1. Go to Login with your Nintendo Account email / username and password
Nintendo Account login screenOn the login screen, enter your data or use social media to access your Nintendo Account

2. Select ?Access and security settings? in the left menu

Nintendo account main screenOn the main account screen, select "Access and security settings"

3. At the bottom of the page, click "To edit" in seo ?Two-step verification setup?

Security screenWhen accessing security settings, click on ?Edit? in the 2-step verification section

4. click in ?Enable two-step verification?

2-step verification screenOn this screen, just follow the instructions to enable 2-step verification with your email and Google Authenticator

5. click in "Submit" so that a verification code is sent to the registered account email

6. insert the email code and click "Submit"

7. As Google Authenticator already installed on your smartphone, open the app.

8. Use the application's QR-Code scanning feature to scan the code displayed on the browser screen.

9. A 6-digit code will appear on your smartphone. Enter the code in the browser and click "Submit"

10. A list of backup codes will appear in case you lose or change your smartphone. Save and store these codes in a safe place!

11. click in ?Saved backup codes? and then on "OK"

Ready! If you want to remove authentication in two steps, just return to that same section of your account and select the option "Disable", following the instructions to remove the extra security settings.

Remember that with 2-step verification enabled you will always have to insert a code generated by Google Authenticator to log into your account via the browser or the Nintendo Switch. In addition, this method ensures that no user with bad intentions logs into your account without you knowing it.